Refrigerators Side By Side

Like 40 years ago, and today, refrigerators Side by Side by FRIGIDAIRE - is above all a symbol of quality, prestige, wealth, an elegant design, high social status.

legendary American Frigidaire refrigerators with the "side-by-side" appeared in the 70s.the last century.Similar large cupboards, on shelves that could store a lot of products, and other content, refrigerators "new generation", as they are called, quickly became the elite of the American market.

strong & gt; advantages:

a href = "" target = "_ blank" & gt; Refrigerator Side by Side - reliable kitchen appliances class "Lux",which can be bought only from the manufacturer, with direct delivery from the United States.This measure enabled the brand to protect their products from counterfeiting and to ensure customers 100% quality.

If we talk about the other benefits of brand products Figidaire, mention should be made about these facts:

- designs have a thoughtful, concise, elegant, and the compl

eted design, which does not harm the functionality, what is often overlooked by other manufacturers, guided by the fact that the first buyerselects the eyes, and then - the mind;
- not less attention than the design excellence is given to details (which are the famous "frizhiderovskie" sealing or insulation);
- American Side by Side refrigerators have many useful features, among which are: clean air, No Frost, forced air circulation, the ability to apply cold water and ice to generate;
- All Frigidaire appliances marked by the sign "Energy Star".With its dimensions of refrigerators consume very little power!
- Food stored in 3 times longer than usual.For different groups of products provides standalone camera, you can set different temperatures and humidity levels;
- You can choose a refrigerator with a suitable design (location of the freezer and refrigerator compartment) and package (shelves, boxes and so on.);
- "Intelligent" defrosting system easily adapts to the established regime of humidity and temperature;
- for fruits and vegetables are offered special boxes to the gifts of nature as long as possible the freshness and vitamins;
- in the refrigerator compartment has a system of moving shelves, allowing you to quickly and easily get the right product from every corner of each camera;
- If you connect the unit to the water supply, it will generate the ice as well as water cooled and filtered.

strong & gt; The more admire refrigerators Side by Side?Typically, the amount of

freezers in American refrigerators equals 600-800 liters, while in the standard refrigerator any other manufacturer, this figure does not exceed 420. That is why the installation is not only purchased for home use, but also for cafes, restaurants, private clinics, hotelsetc.

matter at what price range you choose to stay, your refrigerator will have enough features to amaze the owners of the convenience and ease of use, and most importantly - the quality of products that seem to have been bought back 5 minutes.

In addition to the above functions, the American Side by Side refrigerator operates on a "gut feeling", has an antibacterial coating capable superzamorozku.Managing this complex - from a technical point of view - the device is via the LCD screen.Program gives tips for every action, so deal with electronics can either.

Products Frigidaire - record for durability.Invest the money once in such an acquisition, you do not remember the years of spending.It will always look like new, and work just as smoothly as the day you bought!