Design finds: a kitchen purple

fans of the original furniture and a strong taste for sure will have kitchen, executed in shades of lilac.In most cases, such a bold coloring prefer energetic and creative nature, living life to the full, and deny platitudes.Kitchen purple can be a highlight of the interior, but the main thing is the organization of such a design - to prevent errors.

According to some purple color in the interior looks defiant, he can not give the room a cozy atmosphere.But this is not true.When choosing food wisely choose purple tint and color companion, your room is suddenly transformed, becomes cozy and warm.In addition, the color is a symbol of wisdom, wealth, power and artistry.Purple colors will appeal to philosophers, poets and mystics.

If you've decided that your house must be a kitchen purple, it's time to find the right color and design.Calm tones of violet range to help relieve fatigue and mental stress, they readily use for meditation devotees Eastern teachings.

Surprisingly, according to experts, ps

ychologists, right modern purple kitchen (photo this design can be seen in the specialized brochures) can ease the physical and emotional condition of people suffering from multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and neuralgia.People who are trying to lose weight, lilac color in the kitchen - this is what you need.It is believed that it helps to reduce appetite.

But if you have a family has a person suffering from alcohol dependence, or people with weakened psyche, kitchen purple may make them depressed, depression and anxiety.They were in such a room would not be very comfortable.

When choosing colors companion guided by their own preferences.Cool shades of purple with blue-blue blotches, have a calming and relaxing effect.By vigorous activity a purple hue with hints of red.

To make your kitchen look more cozy purple, pick uncluttered furniture with clear proportions.To obtain a large spacious kitchen fit bright shades of purple, but their use in small rooms is not recommended.Bright colors visually reduce the already modest room.Therefore, in a small kitchen is better to concentrate on accents.In such areas look great muted shades such as pale lilac, delicate lavender or light gray-purple.Very nice looking room, where there is a kitchen combined with a purple rose.This interior looks magical and fabulous.

not necessary when you make one room to use several shades of purple.It is best to combine it with neutral light tones - gray or white.Good looks and a combination of saturated color with purple metallic.Warm and cozy atmosphere is obtained by a combination of purple with green, pale blue, brown and cream shades.Very stylish look cuisine made in the purple-black finish, much more extravagant look bright purple kitchen with mirrored panels, additional lighting and chrome accents.