Built-in hood for the kitchen.

polluted air and a variety of unpleasant odors in the kitchen may have a negative impact not only on your mood, but also on health.Bad air creates discomfort for the person, so to avoid this, all modern houses drawing set.Of course, in many apartments there are ventilation systems, but sometimes they are no longer cope with their direct functions.Modern extractor is able to completely purify the air from dust and odors.In this article we will talk about how the built-hood.And learn about what rules you need to know to properly its choice.

Built hood for the kitchen.Characteristic design

This appliance has a very primitive design - Metal housing within which is placed an electric motor with a fan.This device does not have a special filter element, but, despite this, the built-hood for the kitchen copes with the function to eliminate unpleasant odors that occur in the process of cooking.Its principle of operation is as follows: dirty air, formed above the cooking surface is drawn by fans and then co

ming out of the ventilation compartment outside the home.

How to choose a hood?Criteria sizes

Before buying, determine the size of your plate.Its dimensions should fully conform to the dimensions of the hood.That is, if the size of the furnace up 50h80h60 cm, and household appliances, built above it should have the same dimensions.This is done in order to maximize hood effectively removes all vapors and odors.

Built hood for the kitchen.Cost

Price extract depends on the country of manufacture, make, model and body material.Sometimes on the same machine properties may at times differ in value.To date, all existing stores hoods can be divided into three price categories: low (up to 10 thousand rubles), medium (10 to 20 thousand rubles) and the highest category (20 thousand rubles).For the average Russian will serve as the best option for the kitchen extractor built-in cost from 11 to 25 thousand rubles.This price is a guarantee of high quality goods.

reliability and durability

When buying pay as close attention to the warranty and the reputation of the store.This will be the key to a successful and continuous operation of your drawing.Often, the warranty period ranges from 1 year to 3 years inclusive.The warranty period is not greatly affect the overall value of the goods.Also, when choosing a look for the design of the motor.The easier it is, the longer it will last you a built in hood for the kitchen.Sophisticated design of engines are not always a guarantee of a long and continuous operation.Besides simple motors are much easier and cheaper to be repaired in the event of unexpected failure.