Best cuisine in "Khrushchev"

most often in the home kitchen is the main room having a wide variety of functions.Absolutely wrong to believe that a tiny kitchen in "Khrushchev" can not cope with the tasks entrusted to it.Today, there are many ways how to make the kitchen original and maximum functionality.

design such a small space is always a bit like magic.How else to explain that the room of five to seven square meters after the repair and reconstruction is quite a comfort zone for cooking delicious meals, comfortable dining room and a recreation room.

main problem that needs immediate action, in a small room - it is right to arrange the furniture, the most efficient use of a small space.The kitchen in the "Khrushchev" must be compact, composed of wall cabinets of different sizes and destination.Particularly relevant furniture that can be transformed.

Small kitchen in the "Khrushchev" not tolerate bulky furniture sets.If you pick up and arrange the furniture properly, it can be achieved to increase the visual space.Now, man

y foreign and domestic furniture manufacturers produce a large number of sets for small kitchens.Photography cuisine in "Khrushchev" can be seen in the brochures of these companies or on the official websites.

Catching kitchen design in a small apartment, experienced designers prefer light tones, transparent and glossy surfaces and facades.The presence of chrome, mirrors and glass parts helps to avoid the feeling of tightness.

very effective custom kitchen in "Khrushchev".It will be able to use all the nooks and niches that are in the room.For example, you can make a dining table, which is a continuation of the sill.Popular was the installation of the bar, equipped with special devices, which are suspended glasses, cups, wine glasses.

Kitchen "Khrushchev" can make the atmosphere in it more warm and cozy, if you buy a small corner sofa.He must be very compact and fit into the overall style of the room.Note the pattern in which the open seating.This extra space for storing kitchen utensils that you use infrequently.When choosing or ordering furniture, you should remember that the main principle in this case - "less is better."

Kitchen "Khrushchev" is certainly different from the furniture, designed for bigger rooms.Many elements of the headset will make an already small room cluttered and significantly reduce its size.

Kitchen "Khrushchev" involves the use of open shelves for storage of kitchen utensils and food, but if you can not do without a cabinet, then give preference to designs with shiny or transparent surfaces.

Furniture for a small kitchen should be selected so that the mistress was convenient, because the small area is not a reason to give up comfort and relaxation.Your taste and slight design tweaks to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.