Thermometers for ovens - description and characteristics

Almost every recipe cooking baking has the word "bake at ...".Therefore, in the preparation of confectionery products (cakes, cookies, and so on), we need a correct reading of the thermometer in the oven.For it to show the correct degree, it should be adjusted, as the slightest variation in temperature can spoil all the work.Every housewife preparing cakes in different ways: some prefer products without explicit crust, someone - on the contrary, a tender and crisp.When the thermometer incorrect readings may result in a raw and nes—Ďdobnoe product.The thermometer in the oven is an integral part of each gas stove, and that it depends on the fact whether your delicious cake or pie.And only when it breaks down, we understand how important this subject.

temperature regime

Thermometers for ovens are three indicators of temperature conditions.The first - a moderate regime (130 to 180 degrees Celsius).It is ideal for baking the yeast cakes.The second mode is called the average (180 to 220 degrees Celsius).

It is great for making sponge cakes.And the last, the high mode varies from 220 to 270 degrees Aim.At such temperatures often bake eclairs.In this temperature range should be changed every 10-15 minutes.As you can see, without a properly functioning thermometer is necessary.

thermometer in the oven - characteristics

But sometimes there are cases when a thermometer breaks.Those who are at home oven gas (which is the vast majority of Russians), face the challenge of repairing thermometers.Even foreign manufacturers sometimes there are "capricious" thermometers ovens - they operate, it is not.For gas furnaces, this detail is very unreliable, as is not more than a year (and if it is, it shows the wrong temperature).Unfortunately, thermometer breakage can be determined only by the raw baking temperature produced in the wrong mode.In cases where the thermometer breaks, the hostess rushing to the store for a new purchase.Fortunately, the prices are quite democratic - from 400 to 600 rubles (depending on the manufacturer).All modern oven thermometers have a measurement scale to three hundred degrees Celsius.Install a new item in the oven can be easily.

thermometers in electric ovens, stoves

those who use electric stoves are not worried about the false testimony of the thermometer.In all modern electric furnaces installed special modes baking oven through which itself determines what temperature it should be used.

problems when choosing

There are no problems with the choice of the thermometer for gas oven does not.Thermometer for oven has a certain scale, and performs the same function as that of all other brands and models, so restrictions on the choice you will not have.They are equally suitable for all gas stoves (sometimes possible deviation in mounting), so the choice is limited only by your budget.