Choose a household refrigerator to give

Refrigerator - an indispensable attribute of modern cuisine, especially if it is in the country.Very often outside the city sent the old and decrepit unit, which is fully served his apartment.However, this is not entirely correct.After all, a "suburban" freezer extends much more demanding than his "city" brother.Refrigerator to testify must maintain not only the products of daily consumption, but also greens, vegetables and fruit grown in the garden.

better if in a cottage will have a separate refrigerator freezer impressive size.With it you can easily freeze berries and fruits that will be stored here before winter.It is not necessary to buy an expensive multifunctional refrigerator to give foreign producers.Recently appeared on the market quite a lot of domestic models, which had a good account of themselves.

First of all, the refrigerator to testify should be roomy.This is very important if you have your own garden or a vegetable garden.And in cases where you need to go for groceries in town,

large fridge - is the best option.If you do not live in the country a long period of time and come here for picnics, as a place to store food perfectly suitable compact small refrigerator to testify.A wide range of such equipment can be found in most specialty shops.

buying a refrigerator to the country, should pay attention to the amount of electricity consumed by the unit.What it will be less - the economical operation of the equipment is.Each refrigerator has a corresponding label with the letters A, B, C, etc.The closer the letter is to the beginning of the alphabet - the lower the energy consumption of this unit.

In modern devices freezer can be located either at the top or bottom.And the most widely used model with the lower chamber.This is not surprising, because in such a situation the frequent use of "freezer" is much more convenient.When buying a refrigerator note inside the chamber.It can be equipped with several shelves and drawers, or be entirely without compartments - here you should rely on your taste.

Good inspect internal filling equipment.It should be spacious and comfortable and contain a sufficient number of containers, boxes and shelves that you can place in it all products.Pay particular attention to the fact that the plastic parts inside the refrigerator had no foreign odors.

choosing a refrigerator to give, you should pay attention to another important factor - the safety of operation.It is better if the device will be equipped with a special automatic defrosting, operate without human intervention.Placing the refrigeration unit is at a considerable distance from heaters and open flames.

So, following these simple rules, you will be able to buy a refrigerator for the cottages, which will serve you for decades.