How to decorate the walls in the kitchen: practical advice

Traditionally cuisine is considered one of the most comfortable beds in the apartment, it was here the whole family gathers around a big table, hold intimate conversations and discuss pressing problems.Therefore, the design of this room should be taken seriously.However, many people have a question: how to decorate the walls in the kitchen?After all, the choice of materials must take into account a number of important factors, namely: their resistance to changes in temperature, humidity and the ease of care.

Modern wall decoration involves the use of a wide range of different materials.However, the most common of these is a paint.Firstly, due to the low cost of this material is available to everyone.Secondly, it looks nice on the walls, easy to apply, has a diverse palette of colors and very durable.Therefore, if you decide to decorate the walls than in the kitchen cheaply and quickly, in this case, the paint - the best choice.Experts recommend the use of water-resistant materials.They are more resist

ant to abrasion.

Especially popular are alkyd and acrylic paints.They are easy to apply with a roller or brush, and, if desired, you can create any decorative effect, using special devices.It is also well-proven latex.It does not contain solvents and therefore completely safe for health.In addition, the material dries quickly, does not have the party odors, vapor and airtight.

How to decorate the walls in the kitchen besides the paint?Another traditional option is wallpaper.Note, however, that the conventional paper material in the design of the premises should not be used.It is best to choose vinyl or duplex wallpaper with a washable surface.They often mimic other finishing materials: stone, brick, wood panel.These wallpapers have good moisture and abrasion resistance.However, it is worth considering that the duplex coating that has latex surface, is not recommended to frequently wash and glue it must be at a certain distance from the gas plate.

looks great on kitchen and paintable wallpaper.This can be fiberglass, or linkrust flizelinovye cover.Fleece has a textured surface and a sufficient thickness, which allows you to securely hide the irregularities of the walls.Glass fiber are durable and robust.If necessary, they can be cleaned even when using a brush.Also, thinking over what to decorate the walls in the kitchen, many people choose linkrust - versatile building material.It is considered the most environmentally friendly of all of the above.With his production uses exclusively natural ingredients: wax, chalk, linseed oil and wood chips.

classic method of registration of kitchen facilities is ceramic tile.It is not surprising that many people choose when repairing it up.This material is durable, wear-resistant, durable and easy to clean.As a rule, tile trim work zone areas and the rest of the paste over wallpaper.

also deciding what to decorate the kitchen, most people are willing to use wooden or plastic panels.The main disadvantage of this type of decoration is a significant reduction in space of the room.

combined version is very popular design kitchen walls.If you wish, you can make a very interesting combination of using a decorative plaster or textured.It all depends on your imagination and possibilities.