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whole range of glassware for alcoholic beverage can not be described in words.Each manufacturer has its own signature, and hence means that every product is unique.Home should buy utensils for alcoholic beverages, even if you are not drinking people.Anyway, you can not predict when you need it.Guests come to our home, we are always happy, and often we offer them cold or hot drinks.If you are going to buy utensils for drinks, then this case should be approached serezno.When selecting glassware for beverages to include all their imagination and creative energy, because such dishes will serve you for a long time.Such dishes may not even be of high quality, but the view it should please.Type your chosen glasses and glasses shall please you.We give some recommendations about the choice of such a product.When you buy a dish, it is worth considering that a mixture of several types of glass, there is a plus for this cookware.Be creative.When it comes to creative shopping, the important role played by the initi

al impulse, it is usually the most loyal.If you can not determine the choice, you should know that the classic style - this is your correct choice.Your guests will always be happy to drink with such dishes.Cocktail glass, classic shakers and beer mugs, tall glasses of champagne and, of course, glasses of brandy, they are all classic design, familiar to all ages.You should determine the quality of glassware.Crystal is the best and highest quality materials for such dishes.For the price it is certainly a bit different, but you can be sure that will make a lasting impression on your guests.Today, crystal is much more accessible than a century ago, and there are a variety of cut glass.Do not use a crystal bowl on purpose, it can be used as home decoration.If for any reason you do not often go on specialized shops, or simply do not want to, you can just simply buy large glasses.Although the small size of the dishes is always preferable.To maintain the correct temperature of the beverage to the eye teshilsya more suited brandy glasses and champagne glasses.In addition, the small size utensils much cheaper, and your guests will control themselves with alcohol.A few more plus a small dishes: it takes up little space in the kitchen and elsewhere, and it is more easier to use.Tips Before you stop at a selected container, should be good for dishes from the Czech Republic think that it is useful to you as to whether to apply.Do not buy the dishes, which you will not use.And in our time, you can get the dishes through the online store, and the process is much easier.

Shop Online «MOZAICA» offer to buy the dishes from renowned companies Princ, Egermann, MiG Kristal and Crystal Bohemia of porcelain and crystal Product Category: pitchers, damasks, containers for spices and oils, dessert dishes, candle holders, napkin holders and baskets.In our shop the following products: sets of glasses, cups, glasses, kitchen utensils, decorative items, vases, statues, figurines and lamps, chandeliers. dishes from crystal and porcelain, Bohemian glass, dishes from the Czech Republic