The bread in the Russian oven

Every nation in every age has its own culinary traditions.For the Russian people the main asset - the bread.Baking depends on the technology, hence the color of the crust, flavor and aroma of the product.The quality primarily affects baking and heating the dough in the oven.

Before you start to bake bread, Russian stove clean of ash remaining, and then heat thoroughly.It is enough to burn about ten logs.Thus they should be the same and dry, it will burn them simultaneously and quickly.The logs are laid out in a grid, and between them is placed kindling.It was then set on fire with a poker moved to the rear, it is important not to destroy the fire.With such a layout of wood they burn for about an hour, the oven is ready for baking bread.

At all times, human life has been associated with fire, he warmed, fed and protected.In Russia in the homes always put massive oven.They were used for cooking, drying things and products as couches and baths.For a long time Russian stove served for our ancestors.She c

arried the heat in the house, was the nurse.Only it get real Russian bread.There are many ways of baking bread, and each family had its own proprietary recipe.Now the bread is baked in Ovens, electric bread maker.But the modern bread can not be compared to that which was made in the old days.

Russian stove is not only a warm and cozy, but also the most peaceful place in the house.This is a home and a sacred place for every Russian home.But most importantly, she is a nurse, it was used for cooking food, baking cakes and breads.Among Russian stove was a kind of healer, because due to the heat, with great success healed colds.

In the old days on the behavior of the furnace in the house could predict the weather.If the draft is strong in the oven, it will soon be cold, weak pull predicted wet weather.If the wood crackling and fire strongly red, severe frosts, white light - warming and thaw.

Russian stove was often referred to in proverbs, epics, proverbs and tales.This had an impact on the traditions of the Russian people.

first stoves were made of clay.But by the early 16th century to replace the clay came burnt brick, over the roofs appeared Dymnikov.All the smoke went up to the attic, and then fed into the hearth wood.After some time, the system has changed in the flue pipe.

In the 16th century potters invented a new way to smoke output.There was a cap, it was called the sweeping.With their help, improved traction, increased burning, but the frequent fires.There was a need for a safer brick chimney.However, such a pleasure can afford only wealthy people.

Peter the Great issued a decree banning the building of the furnace with wooden pipes.With this began to build a plant for the production of bricks.Also, there are certain requirements for certain elements of the masonry.

But times are changing.Many owners of private houses and country cottages often recall stoves that create coziness and warmth.They have become popular not only barbecue grills and stoves, as well as the Russian stove.

Modern pechestroenie includes many systems, the function of cooking up an extraordinary decor.It fireplaces, barbecue stoves, pizza ovens, barbecues.But the most powerful hotbed for home and comfort is a Russian stove.

In fact, the Russian stove, a kind of a fireplace.And if the fireplace brings warmth to the house only, and can be prepared only by means of the spit.That in the Russian stove is a "Russian character", it is able to store heat in the house for a long time, and the food is cooked in the fire, and inside the oven as soon as all the wood burn through.

Russian furnace of our ancestors back in the modern home.Despite the many changes, it still plays an important role in the comfort and warm, not only housing but also the soul.