Shelves for bathroom: classification, selection

to the owners of small bathrooms are often faced with the task: how to plan the room so that it was a place with all the necessary little things in life?It is clear that if the area allows, you can install all kinds of suspended cabinets.And if not?Then come to the aid of tiny, but very comfortable and roomy shelves for the bathroom, which will not only help solve the problem of storage, but also to decorate the interior of the room.

These elements combine perfectly a number of very important functions:

  1. First, an organization of storage.Shelves for bathroom perfectly together all the necessary items and hygiene products that are needed each day while taking a shower or after.With these products, you can even organize a small closet where to store cleaning supplies, plastic containers, and so on. This compartment is very easy to do: just deepen the walls of the carrier, and the resulting number of niche set of shelves.
  2. Secondly, decorative.Any product, even if it is a shelf for bathroom mirrors o
    r a small corner cabinet, notably decorate and freshen the interior will help give it personality.
  3. And finally, security.After all required items now will be in walking distance.You do not have to stretch with your eyes closed for a shampoo, the risk of slipping on a wet floor.

most common bathroom shelf are classified according to the material from which they are made.The most common option - it is plastic.Due to its low price and the variety of shapes and colors, products made of this material have gained wide popularity among the population.In addition, the plastic shelves is not afraid of no moisture or steam, or a change in temperature.They are able to serve their owners for many years without losing the original appearance.

Among the models of plastic are the most common shelf bathroom corner.This configuration allows them to occupy as little space premises, but stay very comfortable.Most often, they contain several sections arranged one above the other.Some products are made of plastic material with perforations.This ensures that the flow of water, it prevents the stagnation and the appearance of mold, facilitates care shelves.

second place in popularity is metal shelves for the bathroom.It is better if they are made of chrome material.In this case, the shelves are resistant to corrosion and with proper care will last you for years to come.

Combined models of glass with metal inserts are also quite common.Wherein the metal is a protective function - of which are made frame and bumpers, and glass or mirror is used as the base.These shelves can visually expand a small room.However, it is worth noting that care for them is very problematic - on the glass soap divorces often arise, get rid of that is quite difficult.

very well looked shelves made of coated metal or ceramic inserts.However, it is important that the product is not distracting from the overall interior and blends well with the rest of the furniture in style and design.