Several ways to remove scale in the kettle

Most of us know as there is scum.This is due to the fact that the coating is formed, which has a lime origin.Often this happens because the kettle is heated for too long.But the water is lime, which gives it rigidity.It-and settles on the walls of prolonged boiling.

Damage from flying

Some believe that remove limescale in the kettle is sufficient only once every six months and it is not necessary to repeat such a procedure frequently.However, it is not so.This coating is very bad impact on the whole of dishes.The boiling water increases with the energy consumption of gas and electricity.The scum that forms on the heating elements, can quickly ruin appliances.During boiling increases the concentration of lime in the water, and it can harm our health.Therefore it is necessary to think in advance about how to remove the scum in a teapot, to prolong his life as long as possible.

resorting to the means at hand

There are several ways to clean.One of the most popular means is citric acid.Scale wil

l completely disappear from the kettle after use.You just need to fill it with water up to the top, pour in a bag of citric acid and bring to a boil.During heating, the acid reacts with the coating and cleans the entire surface of a liquid.After this procedure, the entire contents should be discarded and the dishes have to boil with clean water.It is also possible to use for this purpose a solution of acetic acid.However, this method is characterized by the presence of an unpleasant smell, which appears in the heating process.Therefore, it should be done only in well-ventilated areas or outdoors.If you do not fit the above methods, and you need to solve the problem of how to remove the scum in a teapot, use just peel sour apple or whole fruit entirely.

Industrial methods

Today, manufacturers have begun to produce the dishes, which is covered with a special coating.And manufacturers are producing tools to help solve the problem of housewives how to remove scale in the kettle."Descaling" - one of those.This is the most popular means for electrical appliances.Soda ash, included in its composition, softens hard water.This means may be a liquid or in powder form, but it is equally used.Simply diluted with water, and then poured into the kettle and heated.On the market there are many such funds, the difference is only in the title and cost.Many believe that to solve the problem of how to remove the scum in a teapot, it is necessary to use a filter for water purification.This opinion is wrong.Household filters can only purify heavy metals and chlorine, but not from the lime.It is better to use water softener, after which plaque appears.Limescale is formed in each container, which is used for boiling.A tea - is one thing, we use several times a day.