Millstone grinder - from the past to the present

millstone grinder appeared in the XV century.It replaced the Bedouin, which was used by the Arabs since ancient times.

order to competently and efficiently grind coffee, male Arabs specifically taught the craft, it was just women can not do.There is information that the grain just before the Arabs were soaked and cooked entirely.Milling, who received his Bedouin Arabs method was very rough, but it was better than the soaked decoction of coffee.As is known, the most fragrant and delicious drink is obtained from freshly ground beans.Loved by many sort of "Turkish" demanded the finest grinding.Then there was the first burr grinder.Over time it changed and what we know - it is quite another "unit" than 500 years ago.People have tried different ways to grind coffee beans, but never exceeded this method.Millstone grinder is improved so that it was possible to achieve the best possible way.Today, this refreshing drink has not lost its popularity.Of course, it is already prepared with the help of very differe

nt devices, not like an old hand grinder, a photo which you can see below.

technologies evolve, and with them changes every possible equipment.Modern electric grinders are easy to use, saves our time and effort, giving the opportunity to enjoy the true taste of coffee.But the essence of grinding to taste fully revealed.It does not, simply sawn grain for many parts using knives or blades, which are also used in modern electric coffee to get the desired result.This is a similar grinder blender.In addition, they change the temperature of raw material, that is going to overheat, which in itself is unacceptable in relation to the coffee which acquires an unpleasant bitterness.

Consequently, burr grinder is the only way to properly prepare an invigorating drink.All experts in coffee culture are united in their opinion that this can feel its taste, grinding it at the mill.As for the electric coffee grinder Zhernovoi, here plays a big role grind setting.She has been a barista.There are only a few ways of cooking magic potion: in the coffee machine, in the machine, in Turku, drip coffee maker or type geyser, French-press.

coffee from the machine is not as good by definition.As for the rest of the way, the matter of how to prepare a drink depends on grinding.These things are directly proportional to each other.You will not be able to make coffee in the Eastern, using coarse grinding and milling grain on the manual coffee grinder, you will notice the unevenness of substances that affect the quality of the drink.Therefore, it is important to use the correct settings when cooking it in the coffee machine.Grinding process itself opens the door to the mysterious world of enchanting fun.However, the manual way to engage in a meditative gradually disappearing.

millstone grinder electric type, coupled with the experience and skill of the barista is a guarantee that the coffee we drink in the cafe, at work or at home, is truly revealed, giving the best of what nature is incorporated into it.It is important for connoisseurs and gourmets can capture nuances of taste and aroma.