Sunflower leather: a master class and description

World needlework is very diverse and offers a lot of options for the production of decorative elements and all kinds of accessories.Moreover, raw materials for such works are usually to be found in his own home in a tissue of unused items.It looks great and is easy to run leather.This material is always available, as in almost every house you can find an old bag, belt, jacket or boots with high tops.If there is no such things, now on sale, there are small skin, which is perfect for our workshop.Sunflower leather - that's what happens today as a result of work.

Preparatory stage: dilute the glue and make the pattern

first need to prepare the pattern of the paper.Since sunflower should be full size, then the dimensions of its elements must be appropriate.PVA adhesive also need to be diluted with water.It will give the flower stiffening elements, and the product will keep the shape.Depending on the thickness of the skin, a solution.For very thin materials require slightly diluted PVA.

Second step: do the foundation, leather petals and leaflets

With everything you need to begin the process of manufacture.So, how do sunflower leather stages?Who will tell.From the prepared material yellow color should be cut to the pattern of the future flower petals.In total there should be about 25 pieces.Each petal has a length of 7 cm and a width of 4 cm. The base is also required to cut the skin of the green.It is a bowl with a width (from one to the opposite lobe) equal to 10 cm. Such preparations must 3 pieces.Green leather cut out 2 sheets of a width of about 8 cm and a length of 10-12 cm. To flower looks natural, it is necessary to prepare a further 2 mid-size and 2 very young.Once all the parts are ready to sunflower should treat them in the adhesive solution.

Dipping each item in the PVA, it is necessary to give them a little dry.Then you need to twist the workpiece as if they need to squeeze out excess liquid.Again we leave to dry, but not until complete dryness.Further, each element should be to spread and so left for the final drying.

Third stage: making the core

Producing sunflower leather, MC (master class) which we describe you, you need to prepare his heart.It can also be performed from skin strips impregnated with an adhesive and having a fringe along one edge.The preform should immediately twist on the basis of snails and let dry completely.It is important to straighten the fringe to fluff it from sticking together.After drying the core need to be painted yellow.For this fit stiff brush with a short nap.The second option - to collect core using decorative beads or glass beads.They need to be mounted on a circular base attached to the bottom of the flower bowls.

Getting leaf sunflower, should be made at the edges of each notch.They can be further processed by fire.On the canvas sheet to do the natural veins by stamping.The wire for the stem must be cut and wrap the skin green color, fixing with glue.

The final step: making a flower

collecting sunflower leather, you need to prepare the ground for the petals.To do this, cut a circle with a diameter one centimeter more than the core.The edges of each petal must make cuts.Inserting the first layer is impregnated in the attachment adhesive.Then you can perform as many layers as left lobe.At the bottom you need to make a hole in the center and thread the wire into it thick, pasted over the skin.Further connected to the core and a good fix PVA.Ends flower gluing sepals.At its center should also make a hole for the stem to which a pre-mounted elements of greenery.By bringing the entire structure, you must give it to dry completely.Then you can put a flower in a decorative vase.

Another method for manufacturing sunflower

second embodiment of the flower is much easier.It is suited for the manufacture of brooches, hair ornaments and so on. D. It will take 2 cup of black leather for the core and the blank yellow petals.At the edge of the basics you should apply a strip of adhesive.Attach the petals close to each other.Then cut a cardboard circle diameter smaller than the base.Followed by sticking to the back side of the core and cover on top of the second black element, fixing PVA.

now need to attach the flower to mount.This can be a pin, if the sunflower is in the form of brooches, or gum, when it comes to hair ornaments.For this purpose the fastening member to be glued to the base on the back side of the flower.Sunflower from the skin can also be a decoration for summer shoes, belts, bags and clothing.


Using similar techniques can be performed not only accessories and decorative flowers, but also a work of art.For example, the pattern of the skin.Sunflowers are also collected by means of glue, the core can be made in one of the proposed techniques.For painting wooden frame required, which must be obtyanut basis.It can be several sections of skin.One color can be issued mat, the second - the background of the picture.Material should be taken from the reserve - the length and width should be sufficient to fix the edge on the back of the frame.

Just like a sunflower leather mat and background pattern to perform in a similar technique.Stretches skin should be impregnated with white glue, compress and form a decorative folds.Then you need to allow the material to dry completely.Then the background should be pasted on the canvas frame.From cardboard to be cut mat, wrap the second leg and secure with glue "Moment".The following apply to the picture, secure with the small Gvozdkov and glue.At this stage, the primary pattern can be painted to give a three-dimensional image.When everything is dry completely, you should begin to mount colors.Ready sunflower leather can be placed in a pot that is pre-cut into two parts.One of them with an adhesive to attach to the picture just like flower.The residue is a place you need to decorate with greenery and leaves made of leather or paint application.Then, all the elements fixed on the basis of the adhesive.

That's all, the picture is ready and can now decorate the walls of a room or serve as a wonderful gift, made their own hands.