Snooker: rules of the game

Snooker, also called English billiards, popular throughout the world.How to play snooker?Rules are simple.

At the beginning of the game to build a pyramid fifteen red balls.This - the starting position.Six balls of different colors are placed according to the markings on the table.

Snooker: rules

cue ball (white) has a special significance.With it, the athletes must turn to score balls into the pockets.If a player has fulfilled effective blow, he continues to play.If you missed the right turn is passed to the opponent.It must follow strict sequence.Once in the hole went red ball, you score a color, and then - again red etc.Moreover, the color should be exposed to the starting position until the table are red.Also, the rule "order" in the world.If the board stays red and the player will strike on the color, it is necessary to specify which object he wants to drive in the pocket.

Snooker: the rules determine the winner

During each party, called frame, players receive points.If the result is a dr

aw on the table exhibiting the black ball.The frame is played only with the ball and ends after the effective stroke or disorder.Thus the winner is revealed.

player gets points, both for their own scoring strokes, and for violations committed by the enemy.The game ends when all balls are pocketed, or in the case of violation or after the first strike (effective) on the table there is only black ball.

Snooker: Rules Scoring

Many believe the sport is sluggish, static and uninteresting, but it is inherent in a powerful hidden speakers.Players must be able to objectively assess the situation, to think strategically and apply precise strikes.The difficulty lies in the fact that the number of points which can be obtained from the effective impact depends on the globe.Therefore, the player must not only try to score, but also to create obstacles to the coup opponent.Also, you should try to "close" the most "profitable" balls.

Theoretically, the player for games can earn 147 points.This is possible if, after the Reds, he will score only black balls.And subsequently - the other colored in accordance with the number of points brought by.

most "profitable" color - black.He brings seven points.Six points gives pink, five - blue.For four points need to score brown.Three points bring the green, two - and one yellow - red.

As you can see, the rules are quite simple snooker.But to win you need to calculate the location of the balls on a few moves ahead.To win, you need to always strike so that the cue ball back to a good position.The purpose - not just to score the ball in the hole.It is important to create a series of successful strikes.Therefore, it is important not only precision and skill, but also the ability to think strategically.

There are different variations of this game.In particular, the American and Brazilian snooker.Rules vary slightly, the basic idea - total.There is also a shorter version of the game, which uses six red balls.