Beautiful blouse with cap sleeves: Pattern

If you go shopping with brand clothes, we can see that almost half of the simplest things tailored templates.Silhouette t-shot extremely popular today.What is the m-shot?This blouse with cap sleeves, pattern form which resembles Russian letter "T".Tailor and sew a model for such patterns is not difficult.

choice of fabric to

thing could be worn for several seasons, you should carefully approach the selection of the material from which are going to sew.First, we should give up the colors that do not fit your appearance and type.It is equally important to determine what the case is intended for the blouse with anything available in the wardrobe of things it can be combined, as far as is practical in the fabric care.Note also that it is not too difficult in sewing.If you do not have much experience in sewing, then do not buy whimsical fabric type velvet or chiffon, beaded with sequins or embroidery, bulk and complex prints.

Removing the yardsticks

Building pattern blouse with cap sleeves begins wi

th the removal of measures and determine the size of the product.Primary measurements for this case:

- the circumference of the chest.It is measured at the outermost points of the chest and shoulder blades.To construct used half of this quantity;

- the length of the product.Measured on the back of the seventh cervical vertebra to the bottom of the expected product;

- sleeve length.From the point of articulation of the forearm to the shoulder.

Look at the picture pattern.It looks like any, even the most avant-garde and trend blouse with cap sleeves.Plans should turn out at all.It can be constructed in a reduced size on a piece of a school notebook.After verification, simulation and verification of transfer image in full size on a large sheet of tracing paper or graph paper.This a pattern and is used for cutting tissue.Most bold dressmaker's model paint directly on the matter.Typically, this applies to cases where a slender figure, style does not require a snug fit, and material without complicated pattern.

In the construction should take into account allowances for freedom of movement.For thin, flowing fabrics it should be large enough - 10 cm and more.For dense or poorly draped materials, respectively - not more than 10 cm. Standard bevel shoulder - 2-2.5 cm.

Seam up:

- by the throat - 1 cm;

- at the bottom - 4 cm;

- at the seams - 1.5 cm.

perfect fit shoulder - the success of the model

When individual sewing even simple blouse free silhouette perfectly possible to put a figure.Bevel shoulder all different, and consumer products use averaged figures.This also applies to the neck circumference.The ideal depth and shape of the cutout for each person has their own.

As a simple pattern blouse with a single cut short sleeve can serve for a long time and become the basis for many things, it is better to make a good and precise mold with a perfect shoulder line and neck.Take a basis for any garments without shoulder pads.If there is a dummy with your performance - work on it.If not, then call for help a man who has some understanding in a cut.Fitting and adjustment of clothes to make themselves impossible.To do the right shoulder line should be put on a dress, shirt or blouse - something that can be used to create the perfect pattern.Cleave the pins on the sides of the lines, mid-back and before it is firmly sat on the torso.After that, kill the pin shoulder line, not across and along, that is, as will be laid seam.Note the point chalked base of the neck and the connection point of the shoulder and arm.Focusing on the reflection in the mirror, draw a line of the neck.Cut off the excess around the circumference of the neck and shoulder line.Seam allowance on the shoulder to keep the size of 1-1.5 cm.

On the neck on the layout allowance should not be done.So better seen the most successful form of the cutout.

Line the sides and short sleeves

can now loosen the side seams.Determine how much free blouse should be in the region of the chest, waist and hips.Again Cleave the pins side seams.Secure the chalk line side seams.Cut the excess fabric.Carefully remove the layout with dummy.Line side seams extend up to the intersection with the shoulder lines.

This completes the construction of the pattern blouse with short cap sleeves.The model can be used as a ready-made pattern, and you can redraw the paper.On the basis of such models simulate not only blouses, complicating their podkroynymi detail, boning, buckles and flirt, and dresses, and even coat.

extendable arm to get

pattern blouse with long sleeves single cut, increase the size of the allowance to the free customized fit, side seam to mark the starting point of the armhole.The depth of the armhole in the case of cap sleeves should be a few centimeters lower than the set-sleeves.Extend the line of the shoulder, get the top line of the seam of the sleeve.From the lowest point of the armhole, draw a line parallel to the line of the upper seam of the sleeve.The cut sleeve - the line connecting the upper and lower seams of the sleeves and forming these lines angles.If desired, the sleeve can be made zauzhayuschimisya or expand, or to issue cuffs Drawstring with ruffles.

With our universal pattern is very easy to work with, if it is made of heavy paper and is made in two copies.This is useful for modeling and working with mothers with complex stuffing.

large size

corpulent ladies sizes with a physique that require adjustments, pay attention to the model complexity; podkoroynymi details, in particular yoke.The basic pattern blouse with cap sleeves large size construction, focusing, in addition to the above variables, even on the circumference of the abdomen, thighs and forearms.The width of the blouse is determined based on the widest part of the figure.Free summer blouse of fine cotton marlёvki or office from silk satin blouse decorate and present in top form and full of ladies.You just need to think about and choose the right elements of decoration.

Modeling blouse with a round yoke

Pattern blouses with round yoke and cap sleeves is modeled as follows.Looking at the reflection in the mirror, define a line arrangement of circular yoke.Mel coated line guide.Transfer them to the paper patterns.Cut off from the paper pattern of the base of the drawn line.Coquette is used for cutting unchanged.Only around its perimeter added 1.5 cm - SEAM.This part is cut out from the underlying tissue twice, as a flirt to be more rigid than the entire blouse, and to keep better shape.Once the pattern is cut off from the main yoke, on the pattern of whole forehand, back and sleeves extend the line, increasing the width of the parts on as much as you wish and as allowed by the stock fabric.Before connecting with a yoke these surpluses are laid in folds or prisborivayutsya means laying machine stitching.Equalize the length of the bottom of the top cut blouse with a length of the bottom edge of yoke, they should be connected, chips or sour cream together.During a call to do a fitting and change the location of the excess tissue.They should be distributed evenly allowing for the figure.Coquette and assembly of tissue from under her always give the appearance of femininity and softness.Thin, these elements are added splendor, while fully negate unnecessary.

Differences patterns for blouses and knitted textiles

When choosing fabric, you could stay at the jersey.In this case, you could be a logical question: "And if I can from it beautiful and comfortable blouse with cap sleeves?"Pattern, calculated on a woven fabric, is almost always suitable for knitwear.And our pattern - the more so.On this occasion should not worry.Typically, problems arise when doing the opposite, that is, the pattern designed for sewing tight turtleneck, worn over the head, sew satin inelastic.Pattern knitted blouses with cap sleeves involves very small allowances for free customized fit, or even their absence.Single cut sleeve will not break in the armholes thanks to the good ductility of the knitted fabric.

Do not forget that the cut should be shared by the threads, in extreme cases - the transverse and only in the most exceptional cases - on the bias.

Gore to better fit the figure

Have our convenient and simple patterns is one drawback, even without fault and problem areas.It is under his arm.The problem is that the blouse with cap sleeves, pattern which we like so much, experienced in these places particularly high tension.Seam in places rounding ugly wrinkle fabric.If you do notch, the increased risk of rupture of the tissue in this place.If blouse with short sleeves or elastic fabric, you do not even guess about the existence of this dangerous tension.But when sewing things with long sleeves, and even large, the risk increases many times.To ease the tension, in this place Sew the crotch, that is carved out of a piece of the fabric in the form of an elongated diamond.This rhombus two opposite corners blunt and the other two opposite - sharp.When sewing in the top of the armhole sharp corners directed to the bottom and sleeveless blouses and tops combined with blunt angles connection hoses with the part before and back.


before cutting natural fibers sanforize desirable, that is subject to shrinkage.For this material is ironed with a hot iron through a damp cloth.Can be cut after it is completely dry.Shrinkage is forced to finished blouse is not the village after washing, and remained the same as it has been sewn.