Rules of the game Monopoly and the basic secrets

Monopoly - it is an interesting board game that allows you to not only have fun with friends, but also to try himself as a businessman.The main objective is to destroy the opponents, but most do not become bankrupt at the same time.Such interesting board games develop thinking, learn to think outside help to learn the value of money.These skills are very important in the modern world, so I would definitely advise everyone to buy a game, regardless of your age.All of it is useful to learn something new in the seemingly ordinary desktop fun.There are other economic board games, Monopoly however, considered to be one of the most interesting and popular.

In the most general form of the essence boils down to that state by increasing property rental or sale.Of course, to sell the property, it first must be purchased.

Monopoly game rules are as follows.The process of the field called "forward."Players must take turns to throw the dice and move the chip to the appropriate zone.If the chip hits the free field

, you can buy it, and then build on it a hotel or a house to take a player caught in that zone, rents.If you are short of cash, you can take a bank loan.

Also in the game there are a field with the name of "chance."Once on them, you should take a card and follow the instructions that are placed in it.Also there's a prison.Success in the game Monopoly depends not only on luck, but how wisely you make investments.

Now consider the rules of the game Monopoly and the course of action more closely.First we need to accommodate hotels, houses, papers and property rights banknotes in designated sectors of the field.Cards chances and the public treasury must be shuffled and put them upside down.

Each player chooses a token and puts on a field called "Next".One player is appointed banker.Banker outstanding player for 1500 USD, as it stores documents on property rights, hotels and homes, until they are purchased by players.In addition, the bank in the name of the banker pays premiums and wages, collects fines, taxes, loans, acts as an auctioneer at the auction.

participants throw dice.He starts the game, which for the first time threw a larger number.

chip on the board moves in the direction indicated by the arrow.That field of the board, where she stopped, specifies what must be done.At the same time on the same field may be located a few chips.Depending on the field in which you find yourself, you can buy property, pay taxes, rent, end up in prison, receive a salary, get a card penalty or a chance to relax in the parking lot.

At loss on both dice the same number you get the right to throw them again.Every time you overcome the "Next", the banker pay 200 thousand USD

If you stay on the field that indicates the free property, you can buy it.You need to pay the bank the amount shown on the playing field.If you do not have to buy real estate, the banker puts it up for auction.Ownership of real estate makes it possible to charge the players got on your field, rent.

As the rules of the game Monopoly, if you're staying at someone else's property, you will have to pay to rent the owner of the field.

stop on the "public treasury" or "Chance" means that you should take the top card from the stack required.It may require the payment of taxes, move the chip to go to prison, or give you the freedom and money.

This article explains only the basic rules of the game Monopoly.The more detail you can find in the manual.Enjoy your time!