Learning the rules of backgammon

Backgammon - a game in which 2 persons are involved.For it is necessary to have a special board, divided into two parts, checkers and dice (dice).The aim of the game is to pass the circle checkers on the board.For this purpose the dice on which the drop points, and depending on the separated points checkers moved on the playing field.

People play backgammon for nearly 5000 years.This game is a long time came to us from the East, and at different times of the popularity of this kind of leisure constantly changing, experiencing the ups, the downs.In the Middle Ages backgammon they were very popular and were called backgammon.Rules of the game of backgammon (long) remained virtually unchanged, but the rules of the game backgammon Edmond Hoyle established in 1743.Today, they are very popular among Russians and citizens of CIS countries, like the game in Iran, Syria, Turkey and Israel.Regularly between fans of the game are carried out all sorts of tournaments and competitions.

Rules backgammon identifie

d the following items:

  • rectangular board with 24 points to 12 on each side.Item is a triangle with the base on the side;
  • house called 6 points in a row, located in one of the corners of the board;
  • board is divided in half by a vertical line, which is called the bar;
  • each player has 15 checkers of the same color;
  • in the game are a pair of dice (Saarow).

Rules Backgammon (long and short):

  • each player plays in turn;
  • Checkers go in a circle, and each player has its direction of movement;
  • first played the first move by a roll of the dice.He starts one with the winning number is greater.With an equal score the drop-bones thrown;
  • each course begins with a roll of the dice on one free side of the bar.If the bones were outside the bar or on the sword, or stood up straight, have to be re-cast;
  • one piece can be from one to four strokes;
  • if the points on the dice do not allow to make a move on his sword or a blank cell, the process is lost;
  • in case of inability to use the number of points required to use both bones more points one bone;
  • when all checkers are in the "home", the following passages are derived from the "house".

rules of the game of backgammon is determined by the initial position of the checkers on the board.The one who brought the first drafts of "home" is the winner.Option "draw" in backgammon is completely excluded.The winner is always determined in the final.For prize winner can get up to 4 points.

rules of the game in the long backgammon mainly composed of the above items.In addition, you can not put a bomb on the bomb another player;You can move any number of drafts;Points on the bones are not cumulative;If the bones are no legal move, the course is passed as is not allowed to build an impassable barrier.In addition, the rules of Backgammon are long that checkers players must move in one direction one after the other counterclockwise.The game takes place on the previously determined rate, which is given for win points.The situation, when the player has no time to remove their checkers, while the second player has already made it is called "Mars".In this case, the rate is doubled.

The rules of backgammon have the following differences:

  • checkers move towards each other;
  • backgammon checkers can knock another player;
  • position from which the game begins, is more complicated;
  • «home» players occupy positions 1 and 6 and the "yard" player - 12 and 7, and his opponent - 19 and 24, 13 and 18.

The rules of backgammon are also lies in the fact that the bombs are locatedthus: The player has 2 checkers in paragraph 24, 5 - in paragraph 13, 3 - in the 8th and 5 checkers in paragraph number 6. The enemy checkers are placed opposite.Perhaps you enjoy this exciting entertainment, the more that the rules of the simple game of backgammon.