Rules of the game of darts

word "darts" from the English translates as darts.The game consists of the target, which throw darts from a distance.It's quite an old entertainment invented in England.Even today, in the pubs (pubs) in many countries like to throw darts in between the circles of fresh beer.The target is usually made from pressed so-called leaf agave sisal.It is round and is divided into 20 sectors.

rules of the game of darts provide that the target is located at a distance of 2.37 cm, at a height of 1.73 cm. Darts also have to be a certain kind.Their weight should not be more than 50 grams, but the most commonly used models with an average weight of 20-25 grams.They are made of nickel-tungsten or brass.For novice players the best possible material is brass.Sector target dart painted in black and white.Bull's-eye, it is the center of the target, colored red and contact him player earns 50 points.

Next is the green ring, for getting into that player is given 25 points.When injected into the narrow inner ring of red-

green color of the sector tripled, and if it enters into the outer narrow ring - doubled.

darts rules dictate the sequence of shots.Each participant must be in three throws to get a certain number of points.The maximum number is 180. This result can be achieved if all three times to get into the inner ring 20 narrow sector.If the player does not get to the inner ring of the bottleneck, it does not receive points.If the dart did not remain in the target, it is also futile move.After three shots are calculated result, and the turn passes to the next player.Rules of the game of darts should be studied before starting the game.Before the start of the competition on the accuracy participants alternately throwing darts, and the results of the chosen, who will start the match.Naturally, you're lucky to whom managed to get as close as possible to the center.

rules of the game of darts 301/501.

account in this case, starts with 301 points each participant.Further scored in one turn (3 throws) points are deducted, and the winner is the one who first reached zero.Last throw shall be made in the bullseye or outer ring sector.If the result is a unit or more points, the previous shots are not counted, and the result is this, what was the last series before finishing results.Every next game is called LEG and five legov set up.The player who won three legah.The two players play 301, and 501 - two pairs.

rules of the game of darts "All fiveĀ»

Players try to throw three score the amount of points to five fold.If the sum of the other courses are not counted.If you scored 50 - a 10 points, 10 - gives 2 points, 5, respectively, 1 point.The one who scored the fastest 51 points is the winner.It should be noted that at search points, the last series of repeats.Must be 51 points and no more, no less.

Terms darts at fans are substantially different from those for which professional players play.Try first to master the amateur version of which, incidentally, is also not so easy to master, and gradually you go to a professional.

Technique darts is in the right throw, which, if desired, can easily master.Try to keep your body was motionless, leaning forward slightly and involved the elbow and hand.Also try to dart in your hand was aimed right on target and is integral with the hand.Technique darts requires certain skills, so you need at least an hour every day practicing throwing darts.Try to aim at the bullseye and regular exercises you will be able to freely choose any, necessary for the purpose of the game.