Indian Solitaire - fun for the clever and clever.

card game, assuming the layout according to certain rules, often with the aim of predicting future events, called solitaire.The word we borrowed from the French and means "patience."Solitaire - logical card game that requires concentration and focus.The game develops attention and combinatorial thinking, trains memory.

Simple solitaire game, such as "Solitaire" or "Spider", aim to collect cards in sequence.The player may ask a question that requires a clear answer ("yes" or "no").The scenario involves only an even number of cards from 32 to 208 pieces.

complex, such as "Indian Solitaire" is one of the varieties of divination fate.In this case, the prediction will be more detailed and accurate.
purpose of alignment: to know the past, present, and future guests who have had recourse to divination.The traditional "Indian Solitaire" provides predictions for two months in advance, but the term can be, if desired, and cut.To do this, mentally mark the time period that interest guess.This activity is simi

lar to meditation and good coaching intuition.

in dark "Indian Solitaire" cards are symbolic images, each of which has a specific interpretation.In order to predict their spread on 5 pieces in a row.

Game alignment is much more complicated.In this case, use two conventional deck of cards with the number 36 or 52.

try to briefly summarize the rules.In that case, if the deck of cards 36 (total 72) is first spread seven columns in three rows.The remaining placed separate pile.

purpose of Solitaire - moving into the database of all available cards in sequence, beginning with the aces and ending sixes.

How can I do this?In one move, the player is allowed to move only one card.You can shift from the common deck (open) or from the next column (bottom).Maps should be another suit, and certainly older.

not cost "Indian Solitaire" and without any conditions.For example, if the column is only one hole card, she received the title of "Bewitched."With it prohibited any manipulation other than moving into the base.

If one of the decks completely ends, the player has the opportunity to fill it with three cards from the common stack.In the event that the reserve already exhausted itself, the space is also used.But now for any move the map.

Solitaire "Algerian Patience" - an exciting game, but quite complex.As a result, you need to collect four aces your entire deck by suit.First, all the movements carried out only on the scenario.Junior card is placed on an older, red on black (or vice versa).You can also move the entire stack if it is properly drawn up.

There is a second option that is going to eight columns.Half of them are stack, starting with aces, another - with kings.In this case, the task is complicated by the ban to move several cards at once.

Card layout "Russian Solitaire" is the same as the previous one from a deck of 52 cards.The goal - to collect the base of the stack in ascending order, to coincide suit.The layout is somewhat reminiscent of "Solitaire."

It also laid out the seven stacks to the increasing number of cards (in this case remain open only the top).After that, the second deck is shuffled.All
stack, except the first, is placed an additional four cards face up.Above the vertical columns are arranged base of the stack.During the game, they move the aces first, and then all other cards of the same suit (in ascending order).

From one vertical stack can be rearranged to another group, beginning with the king.Admissibility and transposition of single cards in descending order, if they are the same suit.A map indicating the King has complete freedom of movement.If the vertical stack end, for a seat, you can put a single card, or even a few.Correctly composed group begins with the king.

Today the Internet are a lot of variants of such games, but if you want to guess it is better to use "live" card.

solitaire game - a wonderful way to spend time with benefits for the brain.You can learn the proper alignment of using the subject literature.