Yahtzee - the name of the game is somewhat discouraging those who are not interested in gambling.Dice - dice it with the marks on the faces - from one to six.Regular poker is popular all over the world a card game in which the player is dealt five cards, and depending on whether there was a combination, he gets a win or lose your bet.Yahtzee is played with five dice.The goal - to score the most points.The game can be played any number of people, starting with the two who throws the dice in turn, often played by 4-5 people.There are several options Yahtzee: Game, School, Knifel (Kniffle) - German version, in English it is called Yetzi (Yahtzee - a trademark of Hasbro).In the computer version - Tali, and RPG "The Witcher" a simplified version of Yahtzee - one of the most popular entertainment in this virtual universe.

Before the game is determined by the order of throwing dice.To do this, the player rolls one die, the player who collected the most points starts first.If the same number of points, a bone

being moved up until there is no difference.After determining the proper sequence begins the game itself.In one move, the player rolls the five dice three times simultaneously.The main objective of the first phase of the game - to get three throws and three more of the same number on the bones.In Yahtzee player collects one of the combinations, but the truth than the classic combinations of poker.After the first roll, you can choose to leave the bones for the planned combination, and throw the rest or throw it.During the discharge, and the player can change the combination.Calculation is carried out as follows: a roll of three dice of the same roll, the player writes zero points if less than three - records the number with a minus sign if more than three - number with a plus sign.If as a result of three shots a player up from zero and above, this phase it is charged 50 points, the results of the first stage are recorded in the table.The second step is to collect one of the winning combinations:

  • couple - loss of the two bones of the same value
  • two pairs - loss of two pairs of bone
  • set - loss of three dice of the same value,
  • Small Street - loss of bone with four consecutive numbers
  • high street - loss of bone with five consecutive numbers
  • full house - loss of "pair" and "set" while
  • quads - loss of four dice of the same value,
  • poker - loss of five dice of the same value,
  • chance - five dice of any value,

amount of points the player who made the combination with the first throw, doubles (except for the combination of "chance").For a combination of "poker" party further charged 50 points.If three throws the player has not developed any poker hand, in his column put a dash (negative points in the second stage are not charged).At the end of the second stage calculates the average score by dividing the sum of the scores from all the players on the number of players.Winning or losing a player is determined after deducting the average number of points the player number dialed.

As you can see, Yahtzee - is not very complex and no less interesting game than the card poker.In some ways it is even easier, there is a complex trade and do not need to have a "poker face."