Backgammon - an ancient and very addictive game.One of the basic and common option is long backgammon.They are recognized by the international community as a sports discipline, and for several years held the official tournaments.

Not many can boast of is not so much a good game of backgammon, but simply the ability to play, knowing certain rules.Here are the basic terms of having mastered that, you can have quite competently play long backgammon and subsequently achieve a decent standard.

goal of the game in this kind of backgammon - go all the checkers (counterclockwise) full circle, enter the house (the last quarter for the movement of the board) and throw them before the enemy.

It is designed for two players.There is a special tournament for the board, which is divided into the left and right side, where there are 15 checkers, and every player - different color.The right of the first move is determined by discarding one of Zara (a die), to recruit more starts first.If the score is equal, then t

hrow dice again.

The game "Long backgammon" rules allow nullify the enemy throw charge, saying while throwing the word "kestum."When the cast is necessary that the two dice have fallen steadily and fell on one face on one side of the board.If this does not happen, then repeat the cast.The precipitated score determines how many "pips" the player can move the checkers.Not allowed to make a move with two checkers on the number per one cube.A roll on both Zarah same number of points (double, gosh, Pasch, Snatch), they doubled.

on the same field are permitted to set an unlimited number of drafts, but can not be put on the cage of the opponent.You can lock the passage opponent's checkers, building row six of his pieces.It does not block the 15 sticks of another player - even one another's sword shall go into the house.

If a player has no option course, the glasses thrown at Zarah, disappear and turn passes to the opponent.If you have a situation where you can make a turn, the player must choose the larger one.

starting position of checkers in the game of backgammon rules known as the "head", so the initial stroke is called "take from the head", and is allowed to take only one piece per turn (except the first move, which is the same 3: 3, 4: 4 and6: 6).In the case of loss of these combinations in the first course are allowed to take only two checkers.When the second player has more choices loss charge, for each variant can be removed from the head of the two drafts.He is, except the head opponent, will not interfere with those drafts that he had previously removed: in the case if the opponent in the first shot threw 2: 1, 6: 2 or 5: 5, the second player takes a second bomb as if throwing 5:5, 6: 2 and 4: 4.

There are many strategies and tactics of the game, but mostly still capture more favorable position, ideally forcing the opponent into a position in which he had for some time no courses - "Mars".

At the final stage of the game of backgammon rules provide for throwing checkers off the board.This can be done only only if they come into the house.You can use the glasses fell on the movement of checkers inside the home or disposed of in fields corresponding to points on Zarah.In their absence on older fields, the player can throw bombs with the lower fields.

backgammon there is no ideal variant stroke often have to choose the best from several options available.

The game of backgammon rules are not allowed to be a draw.The player with the latest drafts of the house is the winner.

appeared in the East, backgammon became an international game.Existing rules, backgammon received due to the large increase in the number of fans of this great game, multilingual, including Ukrainian - "the rules of backgammon gris", translation principles, tactics and strategy.