Vintage style in photography

If we try to characterize the vintage style in general, it is probably the truest words will be following - the most that neither is a real nostalgia for the past.The word "vintage" in translation from English literally means "wine aging".This fashionable and very specific direction, which is the basis for its revival takes certain tendencies past generations and entire epochs.This style is usually characterized by the presence of elements of romance and exquisite luxury.Designers love experimenting with elegant hats, lace and unusual antiques.

history of fashion and vintage style is very closely linked, and all the extravagance that is popular the last few decades, it is appropriate to combine the traditional elements of bygone years.This style has become a new trend that is organically merged and became a part of European culture.His happy to use fashion designers, furniture.Not spared him and photographers using stunning photo shoots.

Vintage style increasingly popular among celebrities and top

models.With his skillful use of the female image in a mysterious veil appears unique and exquisite refinement.Old things made of natural fabrics, which are currently not available, based on the original styles, look favorably on the background of modern clothing.Original decoration, unique lace look no less stylish than hits from contemporary designers.This is often used by professional photographers salons.They clearly notice the nuances that can make ordinary things extraordinary shades.

Vintage style slow and careful, it was created with the love of a very important detail.It is all important and everything is of interest.Look closely at the contemporary picture and you're sure to mark their uniformity.Now try to compare them with those that are made in vintage style.A huge difference!

If you come in the dress, made in the style of the 30s to the party, all eyes will be on it for you, because you are dressed in a unique thing.A skilled photographer is required to select the time to make a gorgeous picture, and myself will certainly emphasize with a hint of nostalgia: "This is vintage style ...".Indeed, he is capable of much, because attracts and fascinates, makes the look and never ceases to amaze.They just want to enjoy.Everyone wants to have things done in this unique style, and, of course, wants to capture the unusual image.

Photo in vintage style - this is certainly an art, which is now defined a new direction in photography.These delays account for long shots, they want a good look.It seems that they have a mysterious code message from the past, in fact, we understand that the photograph made contemporary.

especially good in this style of wedding pictures.Wedding photos in vintage style elegant and unique.Photographers tirelessly fantasize, and the couple are happy to participate in these productions.Sessions using this style are today at the peak of popularity and their implementation is a set of non-standard ideas.

To make a picture, you need to put in a frame vintage items, let them be few, but they are really epochal.It may be old paintings, dresser or nightstand with a cute cloth embroidered which has our great-grandmothers.This background will become a "greetings from the past", from the time in which these things were appropriate.Table clock made at the beginning of the last century, women's gloves handmade exquisite bracelet, vintage men's watches on a chain, and more - these are the parts that are used in the frames.They give a certain mood the rest of the images.

Photo in vintage style is always touching and unique.Such images have dreams of every girl in her album.They recall the pictures of our grandmothers in fur hats and sophisticated, with a slightly stained lips and surprisingly expressive eyes.Every family is very carefully preserve such rare photos.In vintage style hidden certain hint of nostalgia about the past, about the time that will not return, but that left us a huge cultural heritage.In those days belonged to the pictures as works of art.That is why this style of photography returns value and its status has long forgotten.

photo taken surrounded by antiques, casually throwing a shawl over her shoulders subtle, gently put a hat with a veil, out of which will barely show through a gentle shine to your lips.You remain indifferent unlikely but romantic feel with all my heart and will surely want to come back this way again and again.