Pancake pan for induction cookers - the choice of our time

If you do not want to risk your health, too nervous when cooking, upset by the taste of spoiled food, you will certainly pay attention to this article.Wishing to have a specialized utensils for each food was not born in a vacuum, but in practice can not be realized at one hundred percent.But to get for each type of plate corresponding set of dishes - it is not just a recommendation, it is a necessity!Ceramic hob, gas and electric stoves heated food consistently.First - heater, hotplate, then - the bottom of the dish, and finally - prepared products.Induction cooker heats the pan and food once in the whole volume, with almost the same high heating rate.Pancake pan for induction cookers is perhaps the most popular of highly specialized types of dishes.


Modern pans made mainly of stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum.A small note: dishes must be magnetic!Experienced hostess at a campaign for such a purchase to the store taking with him a piece of magnet."And what about aluminum pans?"- Yo

u ask.There is no contradiction - in such samples are insertion of magnetic materials.

When using a cast iron frying pan is important to remember - the food does not stick to it, if you do not heat up empty pans and then on a hot surface does not add tests - think about the properties of induction heating as described in the introduction.The disadvantage is the susceptibility to corrosion of iron pans, utensils large mass.

Copper different properties to evenly distribute the heat from the heating of the entire surface of the dish.But as a rule, consumers do not indulge their attention copper pans.Aluminum - light metal, even ferromagnetic bottom does not weigh down this durable cookware.Stainless steel to some extent, saves energy, since almost instantaneously heated.Durability made of aluminum pancake pan for induction cookers, reviews of it say, however, that in this dish often comes scorching food.


quality cookware coatings plays an equally important role in the preparation of tasty and healthy food, than the materials from which the pan is made.But there is an interesting feature, cast-iron pancake pan for induction cookers should have no coverage!Aluminum cookware is, on the contrary, should have a non-stick spray.

is traditional Teflon coating.It is fashionable, practical, but is afraid of damage to the surface, as in this case, start to emit toxic substances.Lifetime coverage is rarely more than 4 years, even with a perfect care.Enameled surface for pans not typical.Meets ceramic coating, but experts do not recommend to use such utensils when cooking on an induction stove.

Recently, sales samples appear with granite, diamond and titanium non-stick coating.They are environmentally friendly, but expensive.However, the titanium version justifies the high cost - cooking does not have to spend the oil service life - up to 25 years.


Let's move on to the type of dishes.From its quality it depends directly on success in this seemingly simple activities like baking pancakes.For this is pancake pan for induction cookers.The boards have a low pan.Choosing a particular sample, it is necessary to pay attention to nesёmnost design handles.Agree that it is dropping the pancake dishes or rollover, you get into trouble.It is not forbidden to use the kitchen pancake pan for induction cookers, having a plurality of recesses for pancakes.Dishes can be indicators of warming in the form of colored circles on the bottom.

With regard to size, the greatest demand pancake pan induction hob 22 cm. But this does not necessarily - the diameter of the bottom of the pan is sized plates, utensils should cover 70% of the heating burners.

As for specific models and sellers, it's hard to stop on something one.Most often bought pancake pan for induction cookers Tefal."Technosila" - not only the network of shops where you can buy this dish, but also an online store where it can be ordered.

Conclusion So, in this article, in spite of its limited size, given all the main information that you should know when buying a pancake pans for induction furnace.Selecting a specific model of dishes - for you.