Dining set.

More recently, wicker furniture in the interior was considered a relic of the past, and even to some extent antiques.Today, these products are once again very popular, and consumers received special recognition furniture from natural and synthetic rattan.A special kind of vines with the most optimal properties to create by hand weaving and hardware items securely taken its place in the market of the product concerned.Products made him appreciated his appeal, durability, ease of maintenance and relative affordability in purchasing.

Key features and distinctions artificial and natural rattan

believed that everything has a natural origin, certainly many times better than artificially created counterparts.However, in the case of artificial and natural rattan quite the opposite.Considerable advantages compared to its natural analog is a synthetic product.The first is:

  • resistance to sunlight and other aggressive factors of the surrounding nature;
  • no need for special care;
  • resistance to harmful ba
    cteria and fungi;
  • durability;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • variety of colors and shades.

most common rattan

From vines obtained from rattan or created artificially, weave a variety of products.It can be boxes, lamps, lighting fixtures, but the most popular furniture in the first place dining set.The apparent simplicity of the chairs and tables capable of any interior, regardless of the size of the room and the style in which it is couched, to give the desired flavor, to emphasize the prestige of the owner, his sense of style.

rattan dining set is not just attractive.Created by hand, they are individual.By purchasing a chair, an armchair, a table, or the whole set as a whole, you can be absolutely sure that this subject is not the second.Products may be similar, have the same shape and size, or belong to the same collection, but each of them will definitely be different because, criss-crossing the finished design by hand, each artist brings to every creature something of his own.

Kitchen furniture

Choosing kitchen sets and other furniture sets in the most visited by all members of the family room of the house, where the cooking and its welcome, homeowners first think not only about the appeal, but also about practicality.Even the most careful housewife greatest amount of pollution occurs precisely in the kitchen.Here they just can not be avoided.

dining set for the kitchen should be attractive, easy to use, durable and ergonomic, but it should not require special care and any special cleaning.

Benefits dining set rattan

Rattan meets all these requirements.Absolutely not exposed to moisture vapor and dining set can be placed in any convenient place dishes in accordance with the wishes of the owner.Even if it will constantly be exposed to direct sunlight, the color for a long time will remain the same as in the first day of the purchase.Also important is the resistance to fire and the absence of toxic substances in the composition of which, standing at heating, could adversely affect the family members.

Any contaminants are removed with a damp cloth or if weaving shallow, with a vacuum cleaner.Rattan dining set, despite its apparent fragility and lightness, capable of withstanding the impact on them of very large weights.Special distinguishing this type of furniture, the ability to amortization enables a person regardless of body type and weight, feel very cozy and comfortable.Slightly otpruzhinivaya when you click on them, lozinki take the form of a human body in seconds.

rattan as an opportunity to emphasize their style and personality

Recently houses have rattan furniture, such as dining set, was not only convenient, but also prestigious.Despite the low cost, if it is a product of a synthetic material, the duration of the operation is guaranteed.Can change the wallpaper, the color of the walls and even the layout of the apartment or private home, but such an acquisition will remain an integral part of the interior.Consider, for example, dining set in the image below.

It is perfect for both domestic use and for restaurants and outdoor cafes.Table, despite the apparent ease and fragility, very durable, and a special form gives it even greater stability.The unique melange pattern weaving and top in tempered glass is remarkable blend together.

convenient form of seating allows you to relax and enjoy every moment of communicating with close friends and relatives.Steel frame construction is very robust, and special rubber tips on the legs of chairs and tables add stability and do not damage the floor surface.

Universal acquisition

rattan dining set will be a great asset to your family or as a gift to close people.Specific its benefits - the ability to buy furniture alternately.Even a few years difference between the purchase does not affect their external differences between them, and no one would guess that the dining set was purchased gradually.