Slice and dice "Moulinex ME-4061": reviews.

For the preparation of many dishes sometimes simply can not do without such kitchen appliances as a chopper.Counters modern shops offering a wide choice meat grinders of different manufacturers.However, preference is given to a proven and well-known brands that are popular.Their price may be slightly higher, but it's usually worth it.Popular models include Grinder "Moulinex ME-4061."

General description of meat grinders "Moulinex"

meat grinders from the French brand "Moulinex" proven itself as a reliable and affordable kitchen appliances.The company manufactures many models of grinders, which are characterized by their capacity, functionality and some other parameters."Moulinex" is designed as a low-end models, as well as more expensive options.

Electric grinder "Moulinex" is the best suited for home cooking.With their help you can quickly grind meat for stuffing and with additional attachments grate or chop vegetables, cook sausage home.Multifunction models grinders can significantly facilitat

e the work of cooking and to diversify the menu the whole family.

Features grinder

Electric chopper "Moulinex ME-4061", reviews of which for the most part positive, has the stated capacity of 1,300 watts, which is enough for home use.One minute grinder grinds up to one kilogram of meat.Thanks to its speed can significantly reduce the time spent in the kitchen.

These specifications make this model suitable for a small family.Small capacity allows you to save on electricity, but the non-durable it does not affect the result.Mincer has excellent performance and can handle not only meat, but also with some other products.

exterior design

Mincer "Moulinex ME-4061" in classic white plastic housing.Plastic housing is a practical solution in comparison with the metal, as a material affects the weight of the product.Also on plastic scratches less noticeable, and this grinder is easier to keep clean.Its width - only 31.5 cm, which allows it to be positioned even at a small kitchen table.Weight grinder is about 2.6 kg, depending on the nozzle used.This weight makes it possible to easily move the grinder as needed.

classic design with smooth lines most in demand in kitchen appliances, as these models are easy to fit into any style of kitchen.When the chopper is always in a prominent place, it does not spoil the look of the kitchen at the expense of universal design model.

Bit set

standard nozzle grinder "Moulinex" represent the three metal bars with different diameter holes.The smallest model with a hole of 3 mm provides a uniform consistency of ground beef of any products.Ideal for preparation of mousses, meat or liver pate, souffle of meat and fish.

For the stuffing on burgers and other such dishes usually use a medium-sized grid with a hole diameter of 4.7 mm.This nozzle makes it possible to make uniform stuffing, but retains the fibrous structure of the meat.

perforated discs with the largest holes of 7 mm diameter is used much less frequently the first two.Get uniform stuffing with it fail.But the twisted through a grate perfect for meat cutlets, minced which is usually prepared manually.

knife grinder "Moulinex" is made of high quality alloy steel, which reduces wear and tear, even when large volumes of work.All products are easy to clean and does not require any special conditions.

Features grinder "Moulinex"

What features has the same chopper "Moulinex ME-4061"?Feedback from those who have already purchased this model grinder, you can find both positive and negative.But many point out that the chopper is easy to use and require minimal care, and that is its main advantage.

Podstavochny rubberized feet of this model, which eliminates sliding over the surface of the device during operation.Nozzles for meat grinders "Moulinex" are stored in a special compartment located in the rear of the chassis.There is a motor protection against overloads occurring after prolonged use or recycling of solid foods too.

Accessories and attachments

grinder kit includes a convenient plastic tray for the finished product and a pusher, which speeds up the process of passing a meat knife grinds.Slice and dice "Moulinex ME-4061", reviews of which mark a small number of nozzles can be supplied with additional accessories that are sold in electronics stores and household appliances.

for cutting vegetables to the meat grinder, you can attach an additional nozzle-slicers.It consists of several parts: the tube, the pusher and drums.Drums different mode of slicing vegetables.These include large and small grater, Head of potato pancakes, slicing and dice rubbing ice and chocolate, large and small shredding.

Press citrus allows to prepare fresh juice.You can also retrofitted grinder attachment cab, which allows you to create hollow meat products, and the forming attachments for homemade sausages and meat products (cutlets).

Disadvantages model

What disadvantages have Grinder "Moulinex ME-4061"?Reviews of consumers say that the deficiencies have any model of household appliances.It all depends on user requests and accounting capabilities when choosing a model grinder.

Those who have long enjoyed a meat grinder "Moulinex" noted pretty noisy operation of the device, which may be due to non-compliance with certain rules of operation.For example, the grinder must be placed on such a surface, which will be maximized fastening device.

Many frustrated by the fact that this model does not provide a place to store additional accessories.You can also find data that metal parts grinder can not be washed in the dishwasher, because after that, they turn black.The instructions clearly indicated that the knife grinder "Moulinex", aluminum housing, grille and nut Do not wash in the dishwasher.

Features Operating

to soon not have to buy parts for mincing "Moulinex", you must follow the recommendations specified in the instruction manual that should be read before using the device.Some actions may cause damage to the device and the inability to repair under warranty.

grinder Continuous operation should not exceed 15 minutes.Products used should be cut into small pieces to be loaded on the queue.Needless frozen mince meat, this may lead to the destruction of certain parts of the device or even damage the engine.Spare parts for the meat grinder "Moulinex" can be purchased at a service center for maintenance and repair of equipment of this brand.