Hand-made - what is it?

Increasingly, the goods are found among familiar things from the original marked "hand-made".What is it, and why these subjects have a high price?Firmly entered our lexicon Anglicism "hand-madeĀ» (hand made) means "done by hand".That is handmade things that have nothing to do with mass production.

products created by the hands, become popular not so long ago, even though the handmade tradition has always been very strong in our country.What has changed?

Evolution: from crafts to hand-made

In Soviet society, manual work was given a rather unattractive place nice hobby, not serious attempts housewives to realize their creativity.Encouraged by the ability to sew, knit, embroider, but it is perceived merely as a means to economically create your own wardrobe.In the West, on the contrary, the ability to create original things with their own hands is referred to the works of many eminent designers to create what is now called the "hand-made".What is it, and how humble crafts has grown to an extensive cr

eative direction?

heyday of industrial production temporarily dulled people's desire to create things on their own.Products series production seemed more attractive, but quickly tired of the monotony.Master possessing artistic taste, compete stamping factory, while were not able to produce enough product to meet demand.In the end, hand-made available in a separate creative direction - it turned out that my own hands can be produced not only clothes and wooden crafts, and jewelry, dishes, accessories, household items.

hobby or business?

Many wonder how the perceived activities such as hand-made - for home and personal use or as a business idea?Perhaps the activity in this direction can be seen as the artist's work.You can draw for yourself, but you can sell your pictures will always be demand.

As an example, a common problem as the search of gifts for various occasions.Commodity abundance and great opportunities has led to what has become extremely difficult to select a suitable person a present, who have everything.Come to the forefront originality and exclusivity, hand-made gifts are of particular value.Requested masters emphasize buyers for that not replicate their products, thus ensuring the absolute uniqueness of every single thing.

competition in the market of handicrafts

extensive supply and emerged fashion handicrafts led to the fact that many people had the illusion of the so-called easy money.This misconception contributes to the availability of raw materials and tools - Handicraft become a promising line of business.A huge number of shops selling beads, napkins for decoupage, thread, metal and plastic fittings.

However, such access has generated a large number of hand-made frankly poor quality.You can buy ready-made beads and string them on a thread, give the name of the ornate decoration, but it will not transform the resulting product into a valuable product of creativity, therefore the cost will be low.Despite the seeming abundance of artists is always a category of craftsmen, which will be all.These people have excellent artistic taste, creative thinking and talent to create extraordinary things.Intense competition is observed only in the low and middle price ranges.

How to build sales?

If hand-made master is going to earn the money to his work, then you need some way to express themselves.There are several ways to build sales.Through the Internet, it is selling almost anything, and what is more valuable - customers can be from any country.However, for the establishment of sales through the World Wide Web have to figure out how to find buyers goods, otherwise the work will be more like an attempt to win the lottery.

A good way to make the exhibition are hand-made - to come to buyers who want to find something extravagant.Those who know how to do, but is unable to sell, come to the rescue of stores that accept handmade products for a commission.

search of original ideas for crafts

important part of the success is the idea - the uniqueness of becoming one of the main tools to help in the competition.As an example, such a difficult art as lampwork.Working with glass in the flame of the burner is not as common as the use of ready-made beads.Here's a great amount of manual work, and create exactly the same products do not come out.Masters is added to the glass various inclusions, are experimenting with the technique of execution, and the result is absolutely unique creation.

Briefly give an answer to the question "hand-made - what is it?", We can see that it is an original idea, embodied master, gives definition of this type of art.The combination of creative ideas and high-quality performance of the product allows you to require a considerable sum.

Determining the fair price

Those who defines needlework solely as hand-made house, does not think about the value of their creations.The main thing is that they are a joy in the manufacturing process, bring the soul of peace and balance.However, the prolific master product first enters in the category of gifts for loved ones, and then there is the idea to sell them.Excessive modesty in the calculation of the price as harmful as self-confidence.

Calculate the cost is quite simple.Spending on goods for needlework rough cost can be considered, it must be added a fee for work, time spent.In no case can not devalue your work and creativity.This adversely affects the psyche.

Do hand-made future?

With the availability of different technologies and the exchange of information on the web popularity of handmade only gaining momentum.People imbued with the ideas of non-mass forming in favor of original and eco-friendly things - in most cases does not require needlework harmful chemical components.Now many may enlighten their friends on the topic hand-made - what is it, how to determine the skill level and choose among the many this exclusive craft.

Certainly, handicrafts has a future, hand-made valued customers love it, whether it's clothing, accessories, soap dishes or decorations for the interior.What was once contemptuously called kustarschinoy now it acquires a special appeal, because the hand-made products carry the soul of the creator and encouraging originality and freshness of ideas.