The ceiling on the balcony : finishing ideas , photos and recommendations.How to make a ceiling on the balcony with his own hands ?

Currently, most of the apartments have a balcony or loggia.This is the place where, at any time you can go have a cup of coffee or just to be alone with his thoughts.To the balcony was nice and cozy, you need to find the right all the details perfectly match each other.In order for you to not make the wrong choice, the following information will be provided on how to make a ceiling on the balcony.

balcony ceiling finishing MDF panels

MDF panels - this is the material, which is a likeness of wood.He not only has a presentable appearance, but also quite economical in terms of budget allocation.MDF panels are practical and durable, t. To. Able to withstand any mechanical and physical effects.The sizes and shapes also vary.They can be rectangular, square or in the form of a narrow or wide strips.In the market, this material is presented in a fairly extensive color scheme.

In order to finish the ceiling on the balcony, in addition to the aesthetic, and even wore a practical, MDF panels should be selec

ted with increased moisture resistance.Fixing activities are carried out with the help of the rack frame or aluminum.

painting the ceiling on a balcony

painting - is the most common and economical option finishing the ceiling on the balcony.It can be used if the room is warm, you're not going to.To work, you can use facade paint.Due to its resistance to temperature changes, a ceiling on the balcony will last a long time.

If there are irregularities on the surface, before painting the ceiling should proshpaklevat facade fillings.

Finishing the ceiling on the balcony clapboard

Batten can be made of natural wood (Lining) or conventional PVC.It differs from the usual Lining improved locking connection, through which eliminates gaps even at high humidity due to temperature changes.Also, the ceiling on the balcony made of Lining, always perfectly ventilated, thanks to her ducts.

A particular advantage of the use of such material is its environmental friendliness.Installation of the ceiling does not take a lot of effort and time, and if you suddenly have to change a damaged item, it will be possible to do this without dismantling the entire lining.

Ceilings on the balcony

Many people in the choice of finishing begin to doubt whether it is possible to install the suspended ceiling
on the balcony.In fact, there is no particular limitation.Such an option of finishing can be used even at the smallest by area, but the advantages of this even more.If you set the canvas with a glossy effect, it helps to visually enlarge the area of ​​the premises.

In this type of ceiling decoration on the balcony not only looks beautiful and harmonious, but also has the effect of novelty and modernity.The material used for the manufacture of fabrics, frost and quality, so similar to the ceiling can be installed even on a "cold" balcony.He also has excellent waterproofing.To learn how to make a ceiling on the balcony, you can learn from any source, but if you are not confident in their abilities and knowledge, it is better to entrust this process to professionals involved in such activities.

Finish ceiling plastic panels

plastic panels - it is a common material used for finishing the balcony.This economical form of finishing has a huge number of advantages:

  1. to care for such a ceiling need not spend a lot of time and effort.In order to surface again become clean enough to hold a wet cloth, and the work is done.
  2. Such material is universally applicable.They can be not only a ceiling on the balcony - plastic panels can sheathe the walls of the room.
  3. Before applying, you can not align the surface, t. To. This kind of finish is excellent hides all the flaws of the base coat.
  4. This material has excellent moisture resistance, which is undoubtedly very important for this type of room.
  5. broad enough range in terms of color solutions, the size and type of cover panel (glossy, matte, colored with a pattern)

To make a ceiling on the balcony of plastic panels, not necessarily possess special skills, ie. A. Installation of this design is enougheasy and simple in its execution.

Metal ceilings

This type of coating is safe in the fire and in the ecological relationship.It is durable and water-resistant, so perfect to draw a ceiling on the balcony.As a decorative coating on aluminum profiles using a polymer coating, matte or glossy paint.Also, the surface of metal elements may be smooth, perforated, or corrugated, and it can be attached drawing.

metal ceiling on the balcony is of several types:

1. Rack-metal ceiling.Metal profiles are very lightweight, moisture-resistant, durable, eco-friendly and well tolerated temperature changes.They are made of enameled belt.

2. Porous metal ceiling.It is a continuous surface with square cells.It fits in a standard suspension system or as a suspension frame.

3. Panel metal ceilings.Perfectly suited for long and narrow space, t. To. The length of the metallic modules can be up to several meters.

Finishing the ceiling plasterboard

finishing work, this material is known for its practicality and ease of installation.It perfectly aligns any surface and serves as a basis for any kind of decoration.But before you make a ceiling on the balcony with his hands, be it to start warm, t. To. Because the temperature difference can a serious deterioration of the material, and at the same time and the deterioration of the appearance of the ceiling.

Technique work is quite simple and does not require much effort, especially if the person at least once had to deal with the installation of cardboard-gypsum structures.Once work is completed, the surface can be coated with paint drywall, ceiling tiles stick, decorate with artificial stone or else leave it in the original version.

Finishing balcony ceiling wallpaper

Perhaps this is the budget option, when it comes to conventional paper or vinyl wallpaper.Such a method is generally used as a temporary, t. To. Long such a ceiling does not serve due to high humidity and frequent temperature changes.Another thing, if present on the balcony waterproofing, and it is completely insulated, then this option finishing can be quite applicable.

also a wide range of wallpaper can be found liquid, glass, bamboo or stone.This is a more expensive type of finish and is used in a well-leveled surface of the ceiling.This can be done using cardboard-gypsum sheets, in this case, perhaps it would be the best option for subsequent wallpapering.

Warming of the balcony ceiling

In pursuit of its desire to expand square footage or just to make your balcony a warm, many people resort to warming.In this case, the ceiling is left unattended and also requires a similar procedure.To do it, you can use different methods, but it is best to apply polyurethane foam plate.Their installation takes very little time and effort.Before work cut tiles should be the correct size, and then simply reinforce them with plastic dowels.

also to insulate the ceiling on the balcony (photo designs are presented in this article), you can use mineral wool.Initially, the work secured cross-joists, thereby forming cavities, which are filled with this material.After headlining held.

If you're starting to do major repairs, it is best to insulate a balcony and only then to carry out finishing the event.This will not only keep the heat in the apartment, but also significantly reduce the waste of money in the future.

Before installing the ceiling on the balcony, you should think in advance lighting scheme, to pick up the necessary material, given the location, area and, of course, the taste preferences of the owner of the apartment.