Interior bedroom Khrushchev.

Homes that were built during the Khrushchev called "Khrushchev".They are a block or brick home with small apartments.At the height of the ceilings are unlikely to live up to 2.5 meters.Basically this property is different communicating rooms, combined bathroom and small kitchen up to 6²m.

During the construction of these buildings and the designers did not think about the design of their rooms, and the future tenants of the room is due to your own imagination and available in stores materials.Basically bedroom interior in a variety of Khrushchev did not shine, all the items were fairly functional, attractive and comfortable although they could be called to work.

These houses were built for a quick solution to the problem of deficiency of real estate and look forward to 25 years of use.Only epoch succeeded each other, but in large numbers Khrushchev Russia still live by millions of people.Especially a lot of similar houses in the big cities of our country.Everyone wants to make your home cozy and c

omfortable place where nice to come back.Just this will help us all kinds of designs, which are designed to make the most convenient and attractive every room of the house.

In a small apartment it is not necessary to keep the old, no longer necessary things, because they take up space that can be actively used.However, this advice may relate to the entire property.Design features such facilities based on minimalism.A huge number of different decor, which only aggravates the perception, creates a feeling of clutter.But, freed from the walls with crockery and carpets, you can feel how much easier it was to breathe.

bedroom design

for professional designers Khrushchev is a real challenge for the imagination.For example, narrow bedroom here has an area of ​​about 10²m, the shape of the room at the same time is extended character, differing weak natural light from a small window, which is in the end of the room.At the same functionality of the room makes certain commitments by the presence of some necessary furniture.

bedrooms always try to allocate a separate room, if the apartment at least one bedroom.This is an educated decision, since only enough sleep can give strength for the next day.Specially created for this space, it adjusts to a full, comfortable holiday.Features style small bedroom connected with the shape and size of the room.Basically, the second room in this apartment is long and narrow, has the far end of a small storage room.

It should be noted immediately that the interior design bedroom Khrushchev rejects the use of accents and big dark colors, contributing to a decrease in visual room.This is a definite taboo with which to experiment is not necessary.For example, the ceiling is better to make light of glossy material.In this case, it will seem higher, it makes the room a little lighter due to its reflective effect.

With multi-level ceilings are not worth too much to dream.They only reduce the room visually.Perfectly smooth, smooth glossy surface - is what is needed for this room.

style bedrooms

To properly design the interior bedroom Khrushchev in which to fully relax and enjoy, you need to determine the style of the room.Designers are advised not to make out the room cumbersome and lush interiors in the Empire style and Baroque.For a small bedroom suit several options:

  • minimalism;
  • high-tech;
  • Scandinavian style;
  • Nouveau;
  • Japanese style.

All these styles in its design and structure are different, and although they have in common - or rather, a minimum of furniture that makes the interior more free space as - Air and easier.

on whatever style you are staying, pay attention to the recommendations on the choice of designers furniture, materials, lighting and colors.

Accent walls

Making vertical surfaces - cabinet fronts and walls - it is better to limit the range of colors warm or cool pastel shades of beige, blue or pink.When creating an interior bedroom Khrushchev, you stopped choice for decorating the walls of the wallpaper, they should not be large figures and ornaments.

Bright elements

If you want to still add a contrasting bright elements, they should be applied closer to the floor.This should ideally be a floor of dark color that resonates with a touch of a framework of photos or wall paintings.Avoid at all from the dark curtains.Ideal would be limited to transparent and light fabrics in light colors when you make the windows.Then, if the windows look on the sunny side, it is better to create the necessary level of Shadowed use shutters attached to the frame.

Bedroom Furniture

When designing a bedroom, you must first understand what kind of furniture will be in it.This should be the bed, as well as the rest of items: chests of drawers, cabinets, mirrors and cabinets.More recently, in the interior of the bedroom Khrushchev could not be imagined without a standard, a certain set of furniture.Today there are many solutions to create a unique atmosphere even in such a small room.


One of the walls of this room may be about 2.5 m, therefore, the bed should select the minimum size.Of course, the bed with wrought iron headboard, canopy and round for a small room is not suitable.The ideal bedroom furniture small area - a bed-podium equipped with drawers.She should be with headboard, otherwise the wall will be constantly dirty and unkempt.

Bedside tables need to choose one level of the bed.They should be tight as possible to it.If the bedroom is too small, they can be replaced by shelves, hanging in the head.


most suitable for bedroom Khrushchev will be built-in wardrobes.Best of all, so that they can reach the height of the ceiling.If the cabinet is shallow, it compensates for the height of its shallow depth and width.Its doors save space, while supplementing them with stained glass or mirror with light, at the same time, you can visually expand the room.Small niches can be used to store things - when they choose the right lighting to save space and give the bedroom a cozy atmosphere.

drawers, cabinets

small bedroom in Khrushchev does not imply any of these pieces of furniture, as they occupy a lot of space and are not functional.Chest of drawers and bedside tables can be replaced with shelves on the wall, installed on any level.The design of the room with the help of the shelves should not forget about the mirrors, lights and other methods of visual expansion of the room.

Lighting solution

Thinking interior of a small bedroom in Khrushchev, it is imperative to pay attention to light harmonious solutions.Initially should worry about the presence of a soft muted light, separately from the principal.

Small bedroom in a good light wall sconces and small spotlights.In this version, you can completely abandon the classical chandeliers, bedside lamps and floor lamps that take up space.

In addition, a small bedroom suitable low light created by LED strips.In your room, it will be an additional decoration, it will add comfort and coziness.Different fixtures can themselves become accessories.With proper choice of lamps, as well as an organic placement you do not need any other accessories for this room.

bedroom If you need a TV, it makes sense to choose a wall mount display.The larger diagonal of the TV, the more discreet and small must be other items that surround you indoors.

Following all the above uncomplicated advice, you can manually create a unique interior of a bedroom.Khruschovka, photographs which are presented in this article requires planning on a sheet of paper design options walls and furniture arrangement, as well as the selection of successful textile solutions.