Glass blocks in the interior of the apartment.

use of glass block tradition dates back to Soviet times - if they are used in schools, hospitals, gyms and saunas.In those years, the material looked like a number of rather rough bricks of turbid uneven glass.To date, based on this idea, manufacturers offer a huge range of glass blocks of the set of colors and shapes.This much expanded scope of application of the coating material.Glass blocks in the interior of the apartment make it possible not only to create a unique design - they help solve the problem of functional areas.

Types of glass blocks Glass blocks are

products designed specifically for construction purposes.They consist of two halves of pressed-glass plates which create a sealed cavity.With such a structure comparable to the insulation masonry brick 2.You can select the following types of glass blocks, depending on their visual characteristics:

  • Corrugated - basically are of the light guide, colorless or light scattering, depending on the vector of their faces;despite their transpa
    rency them difficult to see objects.
  • Transparencies may miss up to 85% of the flow of light, while through these things look fuzzy, their outlines blurred and slightly distorted.
  • partitions of glass blocks with a matte surface have this feature with either one or two sides, thus passed about 50% of light.
  • Colored are relatively small range, including yellow, green, red, blue, and the range of colors is huge.It should be noted that in this case, the glass is colored even at the time of cooking, thus further articles do not burn and do not change color.
  • glass blocks with inserts are mainly made for a specific interior.It affects a variety of subjects - from plaster casts of fruits, vegetables, marine animals and shells to present portraits and narrative paintings.
  • Stained quite difficult to produce and expensive - for the manufacture of a sheet of colored glass cut individual compositional elements, which are sintered in a furnace in the future.In this way, despite its great aesthetic characteristics of glass block window seen less frequently.


Their color depends directly on the application, as well as the functions assigned to it.If we talk only about the design of the room, the colors can be anything, as long as it fits into the overall palette.Keep in mind that rich color looks a winner on the background of pastel walls.In this case, you can use glass blocks, decorated with drawings and additional elements.

in children's and bedroom windows, you can choose bright colors - light, play them, add a good mood, activity and optimism.Dark shades are ideal for places that are designed to relieve tension and relaxation.


Modern glass blocks are made of a special precast material, they are glued together of two equal parts.Inside - glass blocks, but the stability and strength gives them the corrugated shape, which is located on the edges.

From the outset, the finishing material used for the construction of windows in residential buildings and construction of curtain walls.But in the current version of the glass block wall may be a carrier, for example, to country cottages to highlight the infield or the winter garden.

Decorative glass blocks are characterized by particular strength, thermal and sound insulation, resistance to frost and moisture, in addition, fire safety.Although the most basic feature of their quality - it is certainly possible to obtain interesting lighting effects.Their smooth or corrugated surface well transmits light.Getting into this design, it break in two, due to which the room seem more visually bright and spacious.Also, unlike a simple glass, its surface may be matte, and this, in turn, allows the use of glass blocks in the interior of a bathroom or toilet.

But, deciding to use them in the interior of their homes, it should be noted that within this material can not be accomplished sewer system or the wiring.Also, if the blocks are used for laying the windows in a wet room and a small, this may cause some difficulties with ventilation of the room.

Advantages and disadvantages

This material has a high degree of reliability, resistance to low temperatures, moisture and fire.Among the benefits you can highlight the high acoustic, thermal and sound insulation.Due to the ability to transmit light, while remaining completely transparent, they are an excellent material for a variety of finishing works.A huge range of types, sizes and colors allow them unlimited use.They do not need some special care enough to periodically wipe them with a damp sponge.Also there is no need for them to paste, paint, brush.Due to the light transmission they provide an opportunity to save energy.

Among the disadvantages of glass blocks isolated that they can not lay a sewer and electrical systems, they can not be cut, to such a partition or a wall does not get anything to hang.After replacing the windows in this unit can be difficult to ventilate the room.

style rooms and glass blocks

glass blocks in the interior design of the apartment is better to use?This material fits perfectly into the room, decorated in a modern style, as they will be able to enhance the beauty of each other.The classic interior, he will already be superfluous, since it just does not get squeezed into the rigid framework of style.

interior use

With these opaque or transparent materials in the interiors of the cottages and houses can bring a variety of creative solutions and design ideas.Modern glass blocks in the interior of the apartment, photos of which can be seen in this article, will be able to emphasize individuality and good taste of their respective owners.Today, designers of these materials are used for the decoration of offices of large corporations, companies and firms, in addition, furnish living rooms.


The material here can also perform the function of zoning.Glass blocks in the interior of the room creates the perfect mood separate backlit soft shades adjust on rest, relaxation, and the bright energized, filling the entire space with light, as well as a favorable condition affecting the residents.Nontrivial will look curved screen of this material in the appropriate color.It will be intriguing part of the interior.The blocks in the walls are a little flicker, reminding small luminous windows.This all will provide an opportunity to buy a bedroom new sound and paint.

glass blocks in the interior of the bathroom

One of the features of this material lies in its resistance to moisture, hence, it is actively used in the decoration of bathrooms.Options for use in this quite a lot.

partition of glass bricks in the bathroom may be a straight or radius shape.It should be understood that, experimenting with blocks, you can achieve different effects.In any case, it looks very attractive and interesting and makes the room brighter.


Of course, you can buy a collapsible or monoblock cabin.But if you want to make your bathroom look unusual, you will approach a shower of glass blocks.The decision will help you save a lot of finances, the space of the room, as well as the time spent on repairs.

shower of glass blocks should be semi-matte or matte.This material can be laid on a conventional mortar or tile adhesive.Interblock space through some period of time after the installation of the wall are masked by conventional grouts;with the joints between the wall and the bathroom wall treated with a sealant.

Glass blocks in the hallway

In this part of the apartment walls of glass blocks can separate the living room from this room.Interestingly it looks like such a wall interspersed with small empty niches - they can be adapted for a variety of souvenirs.Using this material in the interior of the hall makes it possible to fill it with light, and give it a non-trivial and lightness.

looks very original entrance to the house, decorated with glass blocks.To create it using an opaque color or fluted glass, transmits light, while reliably protecting the interior from curious views.Arch with rare lightness of the material differ, visual lightness and elegance of form.

Glass blocks in the kitchen

use of this material for the design of the kitchen space is not limited.Glass blocks in the interior of the kitchen used to create spectacular panels, taking into consideration the variety of motives, and to pick up the fragments corresponding to the overall design of the room is very simple.


This bar is likely to appeal to fans of the experiments.It will emphasize the taste of its owner, hide Cupboards and give an interesting play of light.One of the advantages is also the fact that this rack will cost much less than a variant of the tree.


glass blocks in the interior of the apartment, photos of which are presented in this article, are also used to create the floor.By purchasing more tiles that are designed for the installation of lighting, the floor can be done by air, even the sun.This raznotonovaya lights make it as bright.You can select the special glass blocks, intended to be embedded in the stair treads.This material is thinner than the wall, with a rugged surface so that it could not slip.

Decorative elements

windows of glass blocks - a fresh look at the design of the room.They replace the usual glass in places where the use of the blocks seems much more appropriate, because they are very strong and at the same time creating a pleasant, soft lighting.In addition, various methods for their installation can create windows completely unexpected forms.At the same time, breaking the light, they will shine like the real diamonds.

Wall design with glass makes it possible to simultaneously execute two rooms when it comes to the partitions between rooms, as well as exterior and interior, where they lined the outer walls.

There is also furniture from such blocks.It just amazes with its attractive properties, it can not be denied elegance and originality.Although its permutation change and can not be moved, but it will last for many years.

installation glass blocks

Their installation is simple enough.There are two main methods.When you first apply special plastic modular system that allows you to quickly build a wall of glass bricks.Even without the use of plumb, they obtained quite smooth.These glass blocks in the interior (photos are shown in the article) look very carefully due to the fact that the modular system hides all joints and seams.

laying with a solution - it is the 2nd option.Installation requires the use of special plastic spacers.By resorting to this method when it comes to blocks of unusual shape, for example, a half, a corner, and so on.

As you can see from the article, glass can be used everywhere - in every room, all surfaces.Also, one can create a panel - it can be a landscape, still life, abstract painting.

But they play not only a decorative role, there is also practical.In today's market range of glass blocks you will simply amaze its wealth of shapes, textures, sizes, colors.They are ideal for large rooms and for the very young, they do visually wider, airy, spacious, easier.