A few tips on how to pick up the curtains to wallpaper

Textile accessories in the interior create a unique atmosphere.Curtains will give comfort, a sense of security and calm atmosphere in any room.Therefore, the choice of curtains should be treated with the utmost thoroughness.What are the details of the interior, they combine and how to pick up the curtains to wallpaper - the main questions on registration of apartments.The main function of the curtains in the room - the regulation of the light balance, but more often they are used for decorating the windows, doorways or to decorate the walls.With the curtains can be zoned space rooms.

What to consider when choosing curtains

designers, decorators facilities make recommendations as to pick up the curtains to wallpaper or furniture, so as not to disrupt the unity of style and make disharmony in the interiors of the room.

According to them, the curtains can serve as a backdrop for furniture and wall coverings, or be an independent accessory.Current rules allow you to choose the interior design intri

cate, unique and extravagant curtains.Curtains must comply with stylistic features or colors of the room.Designers are advised to select the curtains, in harmony with the color or texture of the walls.

There are many opinions of experts about how to pick up the curtains to wallpaper.In this regard, to better focus on their own style and color preferences, but to take into account the rules of compatibility of colors.

combination of colors.Bright paint

to wallpaper warm neutral tones (beige, cream, vanilla) in the room ekostilya suitable curtains of the same colors.They emphasize the naturalness and tranquility.Identical shades of the walls and the curtains in the room will create an aura of warmth, light and complement the visually expand the space.

If you want to avoid monotony in the interior, but keep warm natural style is to beige wallpaper you can pick a different color of the curtains combined shades.For example, green, coral, chocolate and so on. N. It is important to take into account the rules of engagement of shades: from the warm harmony warm, cold - cold paint.

Gray in the interior is used quite often, t. To. It is an excellent background for bright accessories saturated colors.With its numerous and gray tones combined with almost any color.Therefore, choose curtains to gray wallpaper can be the most extravagant colors, it all depends on the style interior.Fine curtains will look pink or lilac, green or burgundy.You can select a monotonous gray wallpaper curtains with an ornament or prints.

to the bright wallpaper - curtains soothing colors

If the walls are covered with colorful wallpaper, the curtains should be made of cloth monochrome colors, or color balance, and violated the impression tasteless interior.

There are no clear rules as to pick up the curtains to wallpaper bright, deep colors and unusual, no.The main thing - to focus on the draft general interior design and own perception of certain colors.Bright, rich wallpaper will be perfectly combined with a light-colored curtains.Moreover, you can choose curtains of the same color, but different color, or choose to combine with the main shade cloth walls.If you want to emphasize eccentricity catchiness and avant-garde style, you can use a cloth unusual bold hues: electrician, canary-yellow, hot pink.However, we must remember that this color-stimuli, and they are not always exciting and beneficial effect on the emotional state.If desired, they can "soften" the second layer of curtains muted colors.

To optimally match the color of the curtains to wallpaper, it is better to seek help from professionals who have experience in the textile design of premises.

Fancy curtains - the emphasis in the interior

If the basic color scheme of the walls pastel colors, and you want to create a bright accent the curtains perfectly cope with this.And it is not necessarily related to the shades.It may be unusual in the original form or the texture of the curtains.So, for the style of the country or any of the village this emphasis will make curtains in the technique of patchwork, they come to wallpaper from natural materials: bamboo, paper, jute.The avant-garde interiors youth can be safely used as curtains garlands from a wide variety of subjects, bizarre forms, they only help to create a stylistic unity in the room.

Rooms laconic and minimalist style often use sliding curtains made of fabric suitable for wallpaper.

Blinds - an alternative to the classic curtains

In cases where traditional curtains for any reason not satisfied with the landlords and the question "how to choose curtains to wallpaper" remains open, you can decorate the window blinds.A variety in texture, color, material, they will replace the usual curtains and can be original decoration for window and room.