Soft floor for children's rooms: comfort and safety

All kids love to play on the floor, as there is convenient and plenty of space.But parents often worry whether the baby will not freeze, so they try to transplant it on the sofa.This problem was solved by manufacturers of floor coverings.They offer parents a soft floor.Recently, it has become increasingly popular and in demand.It is a modern version: the floor is made up of individual elements, which are interconnected.These parts are called tiles.They are fastened thanks to special coupling, which ensures reliability and practicality.Soft floor for children's rooms - the best solution.In this case, ideal for small tile sizes - 30x30 cm. This will perfectly fill the space and cover the floor even in remote places.

Why choose soft floor?

Parents who have already used this coating, be aware that the floor in the form of a puzzle not only provides warmth and safety of the child, but also perfectly decorate the room.You can choose any colors, including various drawings.Kids really like to run and sit on

this floor.In addition, it is pleasant to the touch.

Made soft floor for children's rooms from a material called ethylene vinyl acetate polymer.Thanks to its properties, the coating is quite strong, which is important, because the game in babies can be very active.The material is not conductive, easy to clean and does not collect dust.The floor in the form of a puzzle is resistant to external conditions, and are not afraid of water, so its service life is quite large.

going soft floor for the children very easily, like an ordinary puzzle.All fasteners are so noticeable that in order to detect them, it is necessary to examine carefully cover.Material well-kept warm, so little feet will not be cold.

How to care?The secrets and subtleties

Buy and install a floor covering - is half the battle.To view it after a while did not differ from the original, for him it is necessary to treat.The following guidelines will be useful:

  • can not walk on the floor in shoes with heels and insert sharp objects into the coating.
  • Wash puzzles need a cloth or sponge dipped in soapy water.Often carry out this procedure is not necessary, three times a week will be enough.
  • If the floor is damaged, there is no need to change the coverage entirely, enough to replace a certain area.
  • should not be used during the harvest strong chemicals.

Key Features

  1. soft floor for children's rooms easy to install and hassle-versed.
  2. material from which made covering is insulation of.
  3. Interesting decorated rooms to suit all tastes.
  4. Soft flooring protects the baby from injuries during a fall.
  5. material is environmentally friendly, no smell and does not cause allergies.
  6. modular flooring does not require special care.
  7. reasonable cost.

But we should remember that the coating is not designed for active sports, and walked on in the shoe.Intense pressure on the modules can damage them.

How to mount a floor?

to children's soft floor puzzle pleased the absence of relief, it is necessary to perfectly align the laying foundation.Most often experts use plates laminated plywood or OSB.They are mounted screed of cement, which is laid on top of the insulating film.CPD should be avoided, since this material is not environmentally sound.

The installation of the flooring is no big deal, so it can be carried out without the help of professionals.Modules can be put on the adhesive substrate and dry.In the latter case, the damage to one element of it is easy to change in the same.If the modules are stacked without glue, it is necessary to fix the floor plinths.

Mounting using adhesive ensures reliability and durability.It is better to use polymeric compounds that are purchased for gluing linoleum.When all the modules are laid, the floor must be treated with a rubber roller.Skirting boards must be fixed only after the glue to dry completely.

Color options

soft floor for children's rooms is another advantage: the different design options.The color range is so wide that will not be difficult to choose the modules to any interior.Manufacturers offer plain tile elements with a decorative pattern, thermal printing, as well as an imitation of a tree structure or color of the animal, for example zebra.

figure does not lose color and original form with the correct operation.This is because the protective layer is applied on top, which reduces the adverse influence of external factors to a minimum.

Large assortment difficult deciding which one to choose mat puzzle.Soft floor should be in harmony with the interior of the room and organically fit into the overall atmosphere of the apartment.Then the children's apartments will please not only children but also adults.