Comfortable curtains for the bedroom

bedroom - a room designed exclusively for recreation and relaxation, and this room is in any residential area.In the bedroom, a person is sleeping, resting after a hard day's work.Therefore, arrangement of the living room, by definition, be comfortable and harmonious.As the central object in the bedroom is the bed, it is important to place it in the room, and already relying on its position, planning and interior decor throughout the room as a whole.It is very important you arrange a bedroom, and a leading role in this is played by textiles.Elegant curtains decorate the bedroom window in the room, and the blanket on the bed and pillows complete the interior decoration.

defining clear rules on the choice of curtains in the bedroom, but there are some guidelines that are very helpful.Most importantly, the curtains in the bedroom must look aesthetically pleasing in a room fit for the style to be neat and pleasant.Do not chase the fashion design in the living room - the popular models are usually bright a

nd original, and it may soon get bored, and begin to suppress the tire.Therefore it is better to choose a traditional classic sets of curtains for the bedroom.

density is important for the bedroom curtains.Curtain fabrics should be tightly woven or even opaque.To achieve the desired result, it is best to book lined curtains - they are quite aesthetically pleasing look, do not let tissue burn and sunburn, do not transmit light.Lining fabric is recommended to choose life, such as silk, cotton or wool.

now often opaque curtain salons offer Blackout fabric.This synthetic fabrics, they found both plain and with different patterns.Ideal for the bedroom, as did not shine.Curtain blackout often do work to close them at night.They are very unpretentious care, virtually do not crumple, do not fade in the wash and do not shrink.And the cost is much cheaper than lined curtains.

to bedrooms need to pick up thick curtains, or multilayer.Such models provide good sound insulation of the room.

texture of fabrics for curtains should be pleasant to the touch, pretty appearance and approach to the overall style of the room.Bedrooms are usually executed in the traditional style, and with this version perfectly suited velvet, velor, corduroy.These fabrics are very soft, comfortable, drape well, very dense.Curtains made of velvet like all family members, especially if the blanket stitch kit - bedroom got really luxurious.

If you do not like velor and chenille fabrics, look jacquard, satin, satin, silk.These fabrics are smooth, but also quite thick.

Color solution interior bedroom is also important, including the color of the curtains.Choose a quiet, soft colors and patterns on fabrics to textiles in harmony with the other furnishings in the room.If the wallpaper with a pattern, then it is better to make a plain curtains.Well, if the color of the curtains will be a tone darker than the main color of the walls.

Avoid irritating, vibrant colors such as red, orange, acid shades.Leave them for the kitchen or hallway.It is not necessary to focus on contrasting combinations, it looks very sharp and tiring.Good bedroom shades of blue, green - they relax and calm.Caution with lilac and purple flowers, sometimes depressing and cause depression.A win-win for the bedroom suit all shades of beige and brown - is a classic neutral combination that easily perceived by the person.

Design of curtains for the bedroom must match the style bedroom design in general.Options decorating the window a lot - it can be direct and modern blinds, curtains with symmetric picked up or asymmetrical models.It is necessary to take into account the geometry of the room.If the bedroom is spacious, with high ceilings, it will be appropriate pelmets or finishing.If the room is small, it is better to choose curtains for the bedroom design easier, without much pomp and pathos.Focus on fabric, on a graphic or color.

And do not forget about the veil - in the bedroom should not be neglected bed decoration as it occupies a key place in the room.Try to keep the bedroom curtains and bedspread were in the same style or color.Ideally, if you order a set of tissue collection.Curtains he made a magnificent, well made, to add softness and comfort in the interior of the room.Sew decorative rectangular pads or rolls - and place them on top of the blankets on the bed.The room will be finished and elegant, and most importantly, comfortable.

In general, I hope that the information provided above will be useful and will help you choose the perfect sets of curtains for the bedroom in your home.