Design and sewing of curtains.

curtains in the living room to the selected room decoration in general.This is perhaps one of the important points that you should consider before you order curtains, and not just in the living room, but also in any other room.Curtains are matched to the style of design the entire premises in general, the result is supposed to be a single coherent interior to every item of decoration in harmony and match with the rest.

For example, in the living room in a classic style fit and classic design curtains.Long drapes collected brushes or picked up by the internal contour decorated with fringe or beads.You can put little curtains on the floor, so they will be even more graceful.You can order sewing curtains with hard concise lambrequins, which decorate the cord or make a two-tone.If the room is a spacious and high, choose curtains with lambrequins lush.It received a very luxurious!Fabrics for classic style chosen mainly natural - silk, cotton, viscose, wool.Elegant drapes are made of velvet, velor, of print

ed fabrics.Also recommend making curtains lined - so they will get a dense, sturdy and emphasize the status of the living room.

Let us now see the opposite style of interior design living room - minimalist or modern style, or functionalism.It is most common in urban apartments.Curtains in the modern style, simpler in design and in the materials.Unnecessary opulence and luxury are quite out of place.Direct curtains and blinds or curtains on the grommet or hinged - are the main forms that are most often chosen in a city apartment.It is important to look minimalism Roman blinds - lifting that sew up to the window sill.They can be completely lift up, thus opening a window and access to the windowsill.Fabrics for curtains of choosing whiter light, not heavy.Distributed organza, voile, silk, linen, cotton, but with a rough texture, fiber allocated to the canvas.Figure or small, geometric or very fabric without a pattern.In general, the blinds in the first place should be simple to use and functional, as well as the style of the interior.

should pay attention to the care of fabrics for curtains.It's very important, because sooner or later, will still need to clean or wash curtains.And to look it is necessary to order curtains, so you do not spoil the products improper care.

We now consider the recommendations on the choice of curtains, based on the geometry of the living room

If the room is large and spacious, with high ceilings and large windows, the possibilities of decorating a living room is very impressive.You can choose curtains with lambrequins or multilayer, bright colors, do not be afraid of contrast on the screen.Curtain fabric, choose a large pattern or ornament.Better color curtains made more complete, as compared to the color of the walls, so that they stand out.In a large room view should be attracted to the central element, instead of dissolving the whole area.Let be the center of curtains!

in the living room with a small area should not hang lush thick curtains.With its lighter fabrics that will not be the screen to close the window.By the color of the curtains should be soft, better to choose a shade close to the color of the walls, that there was no clear boundaries of the transition from one to the other, it visually "eats" area of ​​the room.Fabrics are selected or plain, or with a fine pattern, without heavy textures.If the ceiling is low, you can see a strip of cloth, but be sure to non-contrast.

curtains in the living room, located on the sunny side, should be dense, sun.To do this, select the appropriate curtain fabrics, curtains or order on the lining.Or, set the Roman lifting curtains or roller shutters on each window sash.

Curtains in the dark living room, choose a bright light and do not need multi-layer density and build tissues.Avoid swags and other decorative elements bright, you need sewing curtains finishing.It is better if they are lighter than the wall color.

This general recommendations on end.Observe these rules when thinking order curtains in the living room.Of course, each room is individual and unique interior, so build on their feelings and emotions.The main thing that you liked the result and households.I hope my tips will benefit you.