Photo in modern design

A few decades ago, the walls of houses and apartments have been decorated with reproductions made and copies of paintings by famous artists.But nothing stands still, including changing design trends in interiors of modern dwellings.One of these areas was the last active use photos in composing a variety of rooms.

But even in this area of ​​design is not so simple: developing itself, it is constantly changing, highlighting new trends inside and fashion movement.For example, recently it was fashionable to decorate the walls of photographs of landscapes, printed in large format.Today, trends have changed and have become part of the fashion photos on the canvas of family members, as well as images of individual parts and pieces that fit harmoniously into the overall picture of colors, furniture placement and the general idea of ​​a flat or a single room.So picture a modern design is becoming increasingly popular.

meaning and highlight the images of individual objects or their parts - in the space for i

magination, they represent the viewer.It is beyond the scope of what he saw at times the total, leaving the photographer in the lens piece, erected to the rank of master single fragment of being, the purpose and meaning of which each determines, in accordance with their own imagination, way of thinking, life experience.As a result, the presence of taste and creative thinking, photographs become one with the premises, indicating the type of thinking masters, giving details of that part of their life that they want to introduce prying eyes.

Rules for posting photos

  1. Do not post pictures on the framework made of different materials.The combination of wood and glass frame looks vulgar.

  2. photos for interior decoration is better to choose only high-quality and clear pictures.

  3. extremely important to post pictures so that they were united by one theme or color scheme.Also it is necessary to make sure that the frame combined with the location and that they are not brighter pictures.

  4. When placing a large number of pictures (12-30) of different sizes, the most suitable location will be in the form of a rectangle.It is very important to choose the right size photos.This must be done so that the distance between shots was the same.This way of accommodation will be the most harmonious.

  5. If you want to place one big picture and more equal in size, but small images, the most appropriate solution would be to place greater in the center and smaller around.

  6. When placing 2-3 pictures the best they have staggered.It is imperative to adhere to the principle: the bottom of the top photo should be at the top of the lower image.The distance between the photos should be small.

  7. If you have from 3 to 5 photos of different sizes, it is best to place them into one line.Desirably, the images placed at eye-level and thus arranged from high to low.

Rules of images in different rooms

Despite certain stereotypes in this area of ​​interior design, decorated with photos can be absolutely any room.It is important to bear in mind that the style of the photos as a whole correspond to the direction the room, crossing to him on the specifics of interpretation, style solution and color, mood.This intersection can be subtle, and be in the details, however, to avoid discord, it must be present.


traditional for a child's room is the placement of the child's baby pictures at different ages - some kind of exposure of its growth and growing gallery.As part of the innovative solutions - creating fun and funny cartoons photo collages, fotoholstov.


In the living room the best place abstraction and narrative photography.

Bedroom In the bedroom is best to place any romantic picture or a beautiful landscape.A photograph is best to hang above the headboard and it is important that the picture was a pastel.

Kitchen The kitchen is the best place still lifes or landscapes.These pictures perfectly revive the kitchen and make it more favorable interior.

hallway or an office can be decorated with the same size picture in the same framework - a strict style, but in this case, to maintain and enhance the effect, there should be many.

Despite the fact that modern technologies in the field of photography has leaped forward, allowing to remove more and more inaccessible objects are still relevant black and white photos.Combined in one complex, these pictures can be the basis of a mini-gallery in the living room or bedroom.Also still relevant occupancy family photos as a genealogical tree or a specific sequence, which tells about the history of the family.The focus in this case should be paid to framing photos - center of the exhibition, the main picture should be placed at eye level of a seated person, and around it - already has the rest.

Very interesting See photos within handmade.It is worth noting that the photo in a modern design, decorated with the help of beautiful frames will make the interior even more impressive.

To complete the picture on the wall is possible to create additional lighting, which will open in a new shots and allow to fully enjoy the fragments, frozen at the lens.