Furniture styles : classical , traditional and modern .Furniture styles : classical, Baroque, Empire , Country, Provence and other

style furniture - the images that stick in its manufacture.It involves the use of certain materials and decor.Furniture styles have evolved over the cultural evolution of mankind, and depended on the level of technical progress and of society as a whole, from the ideology and aesthetic tastes, from domestic needs.

Historical development

style furniture - mirror the historical era and the level of development of culture.

Among other distinguished Gothic.It is original, unusual style, which originated in the Middle Ages.He is one of the oldest and is characterized by an elongated shape, sharp angles.Gothic furniture conveys the same features as the church architecture.

XVI century - the time of occurrence and development of the Baroque.The style is different bizarre craving for luxury.Changed his classicism and Empire.

variety of styles characterized the twentieth century.Here we can talk about modernity, minimalism, pop art, functionalism, hi-Teke.The variety is due to the rapid development of

society, technology and culture.In the twentieth century, abandoned the pomp and luxury, extravagance, replacing them with the practicality and rationality.

In the last century came the fashion for country music.Style represents an appeal to the roots, to nature.Lovers of unusual solutions in the interior chosen eclecticism.This combination of several styles with the help of the material, ideas, textures.

How to choose the furniture?

quality finish of the walls, beautiful ceilings, expensive plumbing, certainly important, but they do not complete the image of the house.The interior would be complete without filling furniture and accessories.Not always in the shop, you can immediately navigate and make the right choice.

The guide, buying furniture?

  • purpose: in what room it will be placed.
  • price aspect.
  • design and style of the interior, which is expected to create.

elaborate on the last point.You need to know what each other are different styles of furniture:

  1. What made products?For each style there are acceptable and unacceptable materials.For example, unnatural directions Rustic unacceptable.
  2. colors.For example, the basis of constructivism are red, black and white.Classic does not allow screaming colors: neon, bright pink or yellow.
  3. presence or absence of decorative elements.Baroque style - a solid jewelry and accessories minimalism does not imply at all.
  4. What are the patterns and prints can be present on the piece of furniture.
  5. Which texture welcome.
  6. What furniture should buy, so as not to overload the interior.In the case of the Baroque overdo it difficult, but requires practical functionalism in every subject.

Baroque - frills beauty

lush, colorful Baroque style can be described in two words - "a lot of things."Distinguishing features: dynamic, fancy, excessive in everything asymmetry.The interior is full twisted columns, stucco, gilding, painting and paintings.Baroque furniture can be decorated with figures of mythological creatures: griffins, mollusks, cupids.Popular decor animalistic sculptures of eagles and lions.

Topics for a list similar to: cupids, animals and mythological creatures.All necessarily in motion.Furniture decoration are tape, fringe.Material - wood.The most commonly used oak.Bright colors: blue, red, green, abundant gilding.Textiles - velvet, which is richly decorated with paintings, embroidery.

Parade Baroque appeared in Italy, but has spread rapidly in France.Through the active use of the painting increased the importance of the profession of the artist.Sometimes bright image covers the entire plane of the cabinet or the headboard.

An important feature of the Baroque - a lot of furniture.It is not only beds, wardrobes, tables, and an abundance of puffs, tables, chairs.

What should be furnished in the classical style?

originated in France a classic - a return to the ideals of antiquity.The furniture in the classical style is distinguished by clarity, logic, rationality compared to its predecessor - the Baroque.The forms are balanced, harmonious.

main "hero" of the interior becomes a column.The furniture is reflected in the accentuation of support structures.For example, the legs of the bed, chair, closet.They are elongated, elegant.

classical period we must fashion for desks, dressers, stands - practical and functional furniture.

classic-style décor a bit, but do not abandon him.Popular mosaic inserts made of porcelain and bronze.Gilding, fashionable during the Baroque gives way to a natural texture.Only some elements covered with gold to create a bright accent.Textiles - embroidered or decorated with floral print.

RUSTIC: fashion rough style

Rough, rustic rustic attracts lovers of naturalness, simplicity.Sometimes he looks a little barbaric.In this interior you see the crystal, gilded luxury, sophisticated glass table.The main rule - natural without compromise.No plastic!No veneer and particleboard.Only natural wood.Moreover in excess.

rustic furniture - an array of oak, birch, pine, cherry, beech.The choice of wood depends on your preferences, because each breed has its own texture.The furniture is dominated by natural colors.

rustic furniture involves the use of natural stone: travertine, dolomite, marble, granite.You can use the metal silver, iron, bronze.Most often it is made of metal elements are decorative items of furniture.The interior resembles a rustic eclecticism.Through the use of modern technology we have unity pure rustic image and high-tech accents.

Rustic - style is a simple cozy house, he is now at the peak of popularity.

- Country charm of simplicity

This is also a rustic style, but it has its own peculiarities.This interior can be set up in any room apartment: living room, bedroom, kitchen, child.The furniture in the style of the country must be made of natural materials (wood, stone).

permissible to use glass, but in moderation.It is recommended to give up plastic in furniture.These furniture styles as country, based on the principles of closeness to nature and environmental protection.It is better to give up the technology of abundance.

colors are permitted, but they should not be too bright, screaming.Bet on natural: popular blue, terra cotta, beige, brown, yellow.The proportions must be harmonious lines - straight.From decor is better to give or use it minimally.Cupboards, tables, headboards have to be rude.Encouraged a massive, high-quality furniture.It may be easy to distinguish negligence.Furniture can be wicker or wrought-iron details.

For fans of innovation

Hi-tech crowns modern furniture styles.The image space is obtained Space, unusual technological.Furniture in the style of high-tech should be characterized by originality, asymmetry.Materials: plastic, metal, wood, glass.

main idea of ​​high-tech - a triumph of modern technology.If you choose to decorate your room space, remember - this style of scenery does not like.Every piece of furniture in the high-Teke itself is original and unusual, it does not require any accessories.

Techno-style - a variation on the high-tech.The difference is that in the present techno perforated elements, small accessories.Furniture should resemble machines, machines.

modern, popular style of minimalism is characterized by name.Furniture requires a clear, straight lines, the lack of decorative elements.Colors can be bright, but preference is given to black and white.Surface - smooth.Plastic, glass, metal - the most popular material.


choice of furniture - an important task.If you can not determine the style, here are some anchors to which we can rely in the selection:

  • love space, space - for you to minimalism, functionalism.
  • give preference to national traditions, ethnic - select a country, rustic or ethnic.
  • love luxury, lots of jewelry and parts - Baroque, Rococo for you.
  • If you like the aristocracy, restraint, but not without glamor - classic style.
  • She loves technology - chose the high-tech style.
  • strive to create a comfortable space for the whole family - you are on the road with the functionalist style, constructivism.You want to stand
  • unusual?Select Pop Art Nouveau.One of the best styles of furniture for a person with unusual taste is eclectic.