Village houses - the superiority of the interior of the past

Village houses more often do not remain neglected.Gradually, those who have the opportunity, move away from the busy city and are settling in environmental areas.Today, there are many options as to how you can transform a house in the village, and the increasing popularity of the style "country house" or, as they call it European-style country.

story of

Country style came about in the late XIX - early XX century.At this time, it has become fashionable to reproduce or restore the interior, which looked like "a house of my grandmother."We started reminiscing, and many did.Someone sincere, someone - to keep up with fashion, while others simply do not want to seem unsympathetic.Houses began to waft childhood memories and create a feeling of absolute comfort.Country indescribable acquired popularity when 20th century crossed the half and lost it today.

Ecological Design country house is the use of natural, environmentally friendly materials.Naturally, the union with the natural surroundings, retur

n to the past in their children's past - the feelings that gives a natural, natural interior.Old farmhouse can be easily changed, selecting for him rustic any country.After a rustic interior - is not only a Russian style.


Each country has its bright features rustic style.Interior country-house, as well as the decor of another country, are very different from each other, but do not yield to each other in comfort.Although there is something that unites them.The situation used ceramics, sun shades of soft colors, fabrics and wood - that's what makes any direction style so attractive.

In order to get acquainted with the style of the closest to us, you can plunge into the details of what we will do.

Russian country style.Wood - the main material

peculiarity of the Russian style - ornateness and splendor of all elements of the decor.Although, despite this, it blows from the absolute simplicity.Main material rustic - is wood, which is used not only for interior decoration.Wood is present in almost everything.Of course, the incredible feeling provide wooden floors, ceilings and walls.Laconic furniture in the Russian tradition, too, is made entirely of wood.Chest Chest or large size will be an excellent complement of the Russian style.Such items are versatile and can be used not only as interior elements.Besides, they perfectly convey the culture of our ancestors.Knick-knacks

Porcelain figurines - that reflect the cultural heritage of the style "rustic home".Birds and animals are painted in different colors and fired in the furnace - that always graced the shelves neat hostesses.In ancient times in Russia, even the floor was made of clay, but it was replaced by a simpler version of the tree.And if all this around will stand the flowers in a clay pot, will be just fine.

the ceiling

If funds allow us to make major repairs in the house can be set large beams and rafters of the ceiling.It looked like the design of ancient huts.If there is a possibility of restoration of old boards, of which paved the floor, the result is striking elegant modesty.

furnace - an integral part of the interior

fact without which rural homes can not be a style icon - a Russian stove.That building, which is in each tale.Of course, if it has no space or a house and moves previously designed in a modern style, you can create something that will be like her.Or to put decorative stove.If you like the fireplaces, the design can be developed under the Russian country.If there is no room or desire to hang panel, which will be its image.Drovnitsa old-style poker and other items made of metal, the inherent Russian home, will improve the style.

place to relax

For those who live in the city and come to the village to relax or for those who have left for the rest asphalted streets, rustic style will be a real delight.Peaceful, range of colors, trim, upholstered furniture without flashy colors and poisonous ... We can not forget about the lampshades, which scatter light and kerosene lamps, which give a special charm to the atmosphere of the evening.At any point of the house a sense of peace and comfort will not leave for a second.

Ware parading

rustic dishes never hidden behind flaps lockers.Ideally, it should be made of clay and stand on open wooden shelves.Vases in a significant amount, pitchers, teapots ... all in different colors perfectly in this style.Copper and wood among kitchen utensils create a complete picture.

For holiday

Capital wooden table from the rough-hewn wood, which will lay napkins handmade, perfectly fit into the interior.Although it is possible to come up with some original solution like fragments of ceramics of different colors, which can be inlaid table.This will give an unusual solemnity.

Nothing out of the store

There are different ways to beat the farmhouse.His hands can do absolutely all the elements of style.Sew curtains with lace, cut wood spoon, painting on porcelain - for creative people, it is not difficult.Well, if you create every detail of desire is not there, village houses can be made perfect by buying the necessary items.Today it is not a problem.