Interior and cranberry color

Lingonberry, the ripe berries, always attracted city dwellers.Since childhood, we associate it with jam and pastries, and interior designers are now using this rich berry color and suggests that he may change your house.

Why cranberry color?

's all about the unique shade, which emphasizes the luxury of even the simplest living room, bedroom or kitchen.Cranberry color in the interior - the color out of time, which takes a worthy place among the berry tones.

brightness and saturation of color of the berry is always liven up the monochrome solution for home, correct accents and emphasize your taste.You agree that even in high-tech, which excludes all unnecessary, you can add flavor by hours cranberry caramel.

Lingonberry color in the interior of dwelling

If you do not treat fans of contemporary styles and prefer the luxury of the Victorian era, the color of cranberries is the best fit for the design of window openings, in particular for the Curtain.Choose a textured heavy materials - they look luxu

rious and expensive.

Use of this berry shade in the bedroom - choose cranberry pillow that accents.Choosing to dumochek cranberry color, you will make a novelty in the bedroom, and spent quite a small amount.Do not forget about the other little things - and picked up the brush for curtains, which will be important parts.

color cranberries give anyone, even the most modest interior elevations that designers are advised to combine with ease.Furniture selected for the apartments should be simple, with clear straight silhouette, but good-quality and reliable.

Light and color

Flooring Pick neutral colors and soft structure that will give it a cozy atmosphere several cool colors.Do not forget that cranberry color refers to the heavy and dark, so compensate this light.Look for a lamp with a light shade or placer LEDs on the ceiling, which dilute the regal luxury and coolness.

bright accents

color cranberries refers to a noble tinge, but at the same time, he is considered to be quite difficult and sometimes even pompous.One of the discoveries was the designer kitchen cranberry color, which is a key focus of all dwellings.The first question, which is set by using the color of the fruit in the room - it's furniture.Everything is simple: choose kitchen cabinets, table and chairs, as well as home appliances simple, even austere shapes.

In addition, the color of cranberries in the interior of the kitchen - it is an opportunity to play with color combinations.Dilute the royal shade of white, flesh, pistachio, gray, beige tones, and you will see that the kitchen will be transformed.However, use another board of designers: the colors chosen for a combination of cranberry, like himself, should not be glossy - so the whole effect is lost luxury.

As for the flooring, the kitchen is quite cowberry will light laminate or floor tiles - sand, cream or milk.Do not use dark colors or other colors for the floor, as they are weighing room and visually make it smaller.

Lingonberry color in the design of the kitchen - is another way to play invoices.Use Economy variants of the premises facades from MDF covered with plastic, and if sufficient funds, stay on the tree.Aluminum or chrome frame are perfectly combined with a touch of kitchen cabinets.

As you can see, the color of cranberry worthy to choose it for the interior design of the room.Use a shade and he will emphasize any style - from modern to Baroque.