Turquoise wallpaper in the interior - the illusion of sea, sky and freshness

turquoise color (or blue in color shades) for some reason, often bypassed in the development of the interior rooms.It's a pity.This gentle shade of the house is able to create a romantic atmosphere and sea blue, to settle in a bit of summer rooms.One of the decorative elements, able to create a unique interior of the apartment are turquoise wallpaper.Consider the idea of ​​registration of rooms in shades of turquoise in more detail.

value and color of the sea story

turquoise color - it's not just blue or a combination of green and blue tones.This is a deep, extraordinary and multi-color.It is the color aqua, clear sky, mountain lakes and picturesque bay.He seemed absorbed all the best shades nature, representation at the output in a gentle, charming image.That's why lovers prefer turquoise sea atmosphere - it creates the illusion of a juicy summer, solar heat and the fresh breeze.

turquoise color derives its name from the semiprecious stones - turquoise, which has long been considered a mineral h

appiness, faith, and family well-being.An important role in the creation of comfort, relieve stress and fatigue play a turquoise interior details, such as turquoise wallpaper for the walls.And no matter how deep will the chosen shade.The representative of a cold scale will radiate power, give a feeling of comfort and cleanliness.

Recreating turquoise situation

If you choose to surround yourself with the color turquoise, it may not necessarily be the marine style, designed exclusively in the shade.Design can be performed successfully by mixing turquoise with other colors, the choice of which will depend on what effect you expect.

interior design living

Under Rule harmonious interior, living room can be made out only in turquoise (wallpaper, floor, parts, furniture) to create an atmosphere as close to the depths of the sea and beach holiday.Or have some turquoise accessories on a background of a different color, such as curtains and cushions.Write freshness and originality in the design of the living room will help a duet of turquoise and white: white dots and stripes on turquoise furniture, curtains, carpets.Especially luxurious look to be in a living room with white wallpaper turquoise.

Another idea in the piggy bank design "plus white turquoise" - walls, separated into zones with the assistance of lighting and color.In any case, whatever the form or acquired your imagination, this version of the design will create the feeling of pristine purity, tranquility and relaxation, which are so necessary in urban areas.

decorated bedroom

In the sleepy kingdom of Morpheus and fantastic dreams, bedroom, enough to stick turquoise wallpaper on one wall.For completeness of the effect of the sea breeze and refreshing wave pick for wallpaper plain Details: vases, pillows, night lamps, chandelier.If you're more inclined to noble shades - turquoise mix with the color of coffee with milk.The duo will give you sleepy, muted atmosphere of tranquility and peace.The situation will gently invite you into the realm of Morpheus, to calm the nerves and to give peace of mind.


for the bathroom will be more harmonious maritime style.Post here an interesting, non-trivial situation, you can use different shades of turquoise tile: light colors for walls, deep - floor.In combination with the snow-white bathroom, sink and plumbing turquoise walls and floor of the bathroom will look particularly impressive.

other rooms

turquoise wallpaper - a good solution for other rooms of your apartment.However, all the parts and accessories for such registration must be stored in a single color, supporting the general concept of the interior.

Creating the effect of sterility in the kitchen

Turquoise perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen thanks to its inherent features - creating the effect of purity.It will help strengthen the combination with white - kitchen will give a sense of sterility.The dominance of a particular color you choose for yourself.You can make the turquoise walls, and kitchen accessories - blue and white, or vice versa.Several color accents help to emphasize the idea of ​​decoration, expressing exactly the impression to you and sought.


If you have a loggia or a balcony, terrace, turquoise wallpaper on its walls are illusory carry you from the bustling dusty town on vacation - the nature and the sea.Set in addition to the turquoise walls, bright lights, and a balcony will be the cozy corner in your home.I support this idea with a good combination of turquoise blue or green tint.

Design Baby

Because turquoise color - a chameleon and goes well with almost all the shades in the nursery can draw walls, mixing turquoise with yellow, orange and green.In addition, all children love bright colors.Bright wallpaper decorate beautiful drawings and animation, and children suddenly acquire a cheerful and natural look.

Contrary to the mistaken belief that turquoise wallpaper in the interior fit only for the bathroom, we have presented to you evidence of how marine tones can perfectly integrate into any design style.The apartment is filled with like murmur of the sea, the cry of gulls, light breeze blows and the spirit of tranquility and peace.