Making the hall in the apartment: helpful tips and interesting solutions

«My house - my fortress" - an old proverb is absolutely right.Where, either at home, we feel that they are protected, comfortable, cozy, safe?And so, of course, we want to make it a house is not only clean, bright, and tastefully decorated, beautifully and tastefully.

adjusts to the size of

Remarkably, if the parameters of a large property.You can realize your most intricate fantasy - would be money.It is much harder to make the apartment "most-most" in a small area.Here it is necessary to call for help, not only creative thinking, and math, as well as some tweaks.And the theater begins with a hanger, and private housing starts from the corridor.What could be the design of the hall in the apartment?Primarily, it depends on its shape and size.It is these parameters should be taken as a basis.

We select the wallpaper

One of the options looks like a win-win.Making the hall in the apartment with start papering the walls of wallpaper.But not any.Pick pattern "marble" imitating stonework, which sho

ws the top branches with leaves.White with gray shade will recover general background fresh herbs, is shaded brown tones.This design hallway in the apartment of any size get a stylish and cozy.Any hanger, stand for shoes and other household items with this design will be appropriate and will fit harmoniously.Just pay attention to detail: they must be either wooden or similar texture and color.The fact that the design of the hall in the apartment under natural materials combined with the same interior details.Ceiling tiles or complete your decorative paneling.You can do simple - paint the gloss paint.Or a suspended ceiling.Linoleum floor can pave the warm tones of brown.Excellent fit in the general color of wall sconces exotic (in the form of old lamps or candlesticks) species.

More offers

Making the hall in the apartment (photos will help you to present different options) may be different: light-colored wallpaper (dark will make the room dark and dull), pink, lavender, lilac shades.One wall, by contrast, do the darker, the other colors.But then try to pick up the accessories of the same color.This can be inlaid to podzerkalnomu table, carpet, upholstery ottoman.Try to observe the general principle of harmony.Good looks hall, lined with ceramic decorative tiles.To revive it and make it more sophisticated would appropriate furniture.On the floor lay laminate.Or the same tile.The latter, incidentally, is particularly convenient, t. To. The surface is easy to clean from dirt and is long.And be sure to use the skirting boards - they give the room a finished look.

each thing its place

Making a small hallway in the apartment - not an easy task, but it can be solved.On the arms you need to take a few rules.And the first of them - nothing more!Each item must be strictly conditional.Do not put bulky cabinets!Open hanger, corner cabinet or "column" is optimally suited.Or, purchase of furniture 'corner entrance. "On a case-hang large column - full height - the mirror.It must be in the hall at all, but also visually increase the space of the room.Or put a dressing table.On the cabinet, by the way, you can sit down to take off our shoes.And, of course, put and put all sorts of stuff: keychains, bags, comb, perfume bottle and so on. D. Use a variety of hanging shelves, where you can put things in the season - umbrellas, for example.This is a good solution if you are interested in registration of the hall in the apartment p3m.Photos of the interiors presented here can be taken as a model.If one of the walls of the free, and the wallpaper or plain low-key figure, hang a few pictures under the best landscapes or still lifes.

How to choose the right lighting

lighting in the hall - also an important issue.On the one hand, the bright lights here like nowhere.On the other - dark corridor gives gloomy view of the entire apartment.The most economical option would be that the wall will be installed fluorescent lamps or energy saving.But this is normal, the standard approach.If the show imagination, you can do differently.Thanks to choose the right lighting system is changing all the space visually.It will seem more spacious, some defects cease to be evident.Pair light on one wall, and the third is the same, only a single, on the other, above the mirror - and now perspective has changed for the better.Do not place the lamp where the walls of obvious defects, and so on. D. On the contrary, let them be veiled shadow.If the ceiling in the hallway is low, the light has to beat him - it visually increase the height.If the passage is narrow, the beams, redirect them.The space will be significantly larger.Perfect and scattered spotlights.In general, experiment, and peace to your home!