What neko?

What neko?This phenomenon is considered to be a typical anime.Outwardly, it looks like a man with cat ears and a tail.The word "neko" or "Neka" from Japanese means "cat / cat."It can be spoken in any form - as "Neka" and "neko".You can still use the word "nek" - this is masculine.

Neko in Japanese mythology

What Neko in Japanese mythology?It tailed, restless and very interesting creatures who can talk.It took them a basis in the anime.The character originated on the basis of myths about the three animals that could turn into a man.This fox, a cat and a raccoon dog.Basically neko - a girl.Why them?Yes, you just pay attention to how draw anime girls, and you will immediately understand what neko anime.They're very much like cats, so do not even come up with anything new.Girls-cats are very sexy and sweet, this character is guaranteed to be evaluated opposite sex.Of course, you can see the culture of anime and neko-male character, but it is much less common.

Characteristic features Neko

begin with tabs.Ears can be drawn at any angle and at any place on the head.They may be of any size.Being black or white or match the color of the hair.Inside the ears mostly painted pink, but this is not necessary.It is impossible for the lugs to say exactly what neko, you can not limit your imagination.There are no restrictions and strict about tail.Most importantly, he is even remotely resembled a cat.Usually he is painted smooth (since fluffy tail is not particularly suited to a person) and one color with ears.Now hands.Sometimes they draw in gloves and legs in the form of a cat's paws.Their color is the same as that of the tail and ears.

anime Neka

What is a certain, if he does not have the bells?This is impossible to imagine.Bells draw wherever possible - on the feet, neck, ears and so on.It's a tradition, and it is necessary to stick to it.It is believed that cats like different things jingle.


What mannequin neko?This is a very popular Japanese mascot.The name of the mascot of many - "inviting cat", "calling the cat", "cat money."But they all have one common value - in your home be sure to settle luck.If you translate the expression "Maneki Neko," literally from Japanese, it means "beckoning cat".This mascot is a ceramic or porcelain figurine of a cat with a raised paw.These figures can be found in a variety of versions and anywhere.Neko different mannequin and color.What matters and what kind of a cat foot is raised.In the classic version is a white cat figure with a raised left paw, with a coin to the other foot and a red collar with bells.

What do the colors and values ​​raised feet

If the cat raised left foot, then this is the mascot for luring visitors, customers and guests.Raised right foot symbolizes good luck and money.If two raised tabs, then, accordingly, the mascot has the effect of both the embodiments described above.

now about the colors.Classic white figure lures in your house wealth and money.Sometimes they meet up with spots on the legs.Maneki red but luck will attract into your home and health.Talisman pink calling in your house of love.Maneki black protects him from evil, evil spirits and misfortunes.Golden talisman attracts wealth, but not always money.For example, it may be intellectual or emotional value.

history Maneki neko-

history mascot mannequin Neko presumably originates from the Edo period (1603-1867).But for the first time this talisman was mentioned in the documents related to the Meiji era, namely in the newspaper for 1876.According to one of the existing theories regarding the appearance of Maneki Neko, this mascot was invented by the government because of the ban on the use of sexual symbols open to attract visitors to the house of courtesans and "Happy House".And then instead of enticing women was used, "enticing the cat."

relatively raised legs too not all unique.That raised right paw attracts luck, and the left - the money is debatable.Since different provinces claim differently.In addition, the value of feet over time changed many times, because the mascot with two raised paws - the perfect compromise.It is believed that the higher the raised paw, the more luck will attract into your house mascot.

very image Maneki very significantly influenced modern Japanese culture, including the character Hello, Kitty!Mannequins in one of the toys of the brand plays the role of an artifact, enhancing effect.There is a book Manekineko, written by Bruce Sterling.It mascot paw gesture is a symbol of mystery shopping network, which is based on artificial intelligence.