The landscape of suburban area with their hands: Technology and Best Practices

Suburban station or vacation home is a dream for most citizens.Modern metropolis exhausting rhythm of people, and they seek at all costs in your spare time to get to the bosom of nature.

First Steps

If you happen to buy your own piece of land, then sooner or later you will want to equip it to your liking.The landscape of the suburban area is able to create not only a professional.Such work is under power and the most ordinary gardener - only need to know some of the laws and regulations of the art.

design and landscaping suburban area will harmonize if all the spaces chosen in the same style, combined with the exterior of buildings.The main objective of the design in the garden area - the harmony and beauty on its own territory.

Rules suburban landscape

first step is to create a plan for your site and point to it all the existing and projected objects - House bath, shrubs and trees.So you will clearly see how to better organize space.

Making landscape suburban area - employment is extremely e

xciting.Plants that you picked for his "hacienda" better group than the plant alone.But it is necessary to ensure that they do not interfere with each other's growth.In addition, it is not necessary to plant trees in a straight line - usually strict symmetry deprives natural site.

the center of each project of landscape design is the main building (the house).It is in line with his style matched the main part of the exterior - green area, the pond is made (if any), small architectural forms (lights, tracks, garden figurines).

suburban area Landscape: create masterpieces of their own hands

all owners of suburban areas tend to isolate their territory from prying eyes.To do this, it is not necessary to build a three-meter brick wall.Where it looks attractive hedges.It not only protects the area from prying eyes, but also to decorate it.Think about what you want to see it - from the vines or evergreen, high or low.Very impressive looks blooming hedges, to create that perfectly suited almond, lilac, mock orange, cherry.

If you choose conifers, it is best to add them to the annual curly copies.It may be morning glory, sweet peas, climbing roses, ivy, etc.

Practical recommendations for

suburban area of ​​large area is not difficult to create decorative and vegetation zones.It is much more difficult to owners of modest-sized cottages.How to create a landscape of suburban area with their own hands, if the latter is not more than six hundred?Small garden is always charming with its unique comfort.Here, every bush, every design element is visible.Therefore, all items must think through carefully.For example, in the absence of a large amount of free space you can create a multi-level garden composition.

In a small garden, the land must not be empty, but that does not mean that the site should be oversaturated.Visually expand the space, you can use artificial hills, enclosed by low stone walls.

Landscape suburban area with a slope

For some, this cottage seems a punishment, while others perceive it as a great success.This site offers a great opportunity in the creation of landscape design.Do not rush to align the slope.It should be strengthened and nice beat.

Choose your style

Landscape suburban area of ​​non-traditional form requires a special approach.Plants for planting are selected depending on the natural features of the slope - drying out the soil open to the wind, composition and depth of the soil layer.On the site, which has a bias, it is possible to do:

- flower bed with differences of level;

- alpine slides;

- heather garden;

- lawn;

- rocky waterfall or stream;

- vineyard.

plot area of ​​10 acres

It's not the little cottage.To the landscape suburban area of ​​10 acres has turned organic, make a list of everything you think should be in the country.Select a style that will stick - this largely depends on the outcome.If you feel you can not cope with this work, contact a specialist.Design landscape suburban area, of course, is not cheap, but the costs are justified.

If somehow you decide to do this work yourself, after drafting proceed to the choice of plants.They should match the climate in which the cottage.Do not overload the site.All the buildings, tracks, swimming pool or natural body of water requires special attention and patience.Create landscape gradually all at once can be done.Plan your work and follow them step by step.

Japanese garden

This is a very original and very unusual design.It is fraught with comfort and tranquility.Japanese garden combines three elements - stone (strength and resistance), water (movement and the growth of plants) and live elements - conifers and beautiful flowering trees.Mandatory elements of the garden should be a bridge across the pond and gazebo.The plot of 10 acres it is allows you to create a Japanese garden, where you can retire and spend time with friends.

«Wildlife" in the garden

If your site is located on the border of woodland, it is quite natural to your decision to create a reserve on it "wild" nature.Wild trees are perfectly combined with cultural, whom you their diversity.Sit under the trees shade-loving plants, such as ferns.

Rustic style

This garden is filled with details from the village life.It may seem that it is a bit neglected and a bit simple-minded.Nevertheless, he calls for a no less attention.Floral arrangements in a garden created in tubs, wooden crates.Relevant here-wattle fence with pottery, buildings with whitewashed facades.Perfectly fit into a landscape of the cart.It can be a luxurious base for a flower bed.Suitable and Moorish lawn - flowery meadow, its owner pleasing bright colors.


It is used not only in the interiors of apartments, but also in the design of suburban area.The peculiarity of the terrain - in a concise and severity of forms, color solutions.It is characterized by clear and direct lines of furniture and broken tracks, the use of modern materials in the manufacture of small architectural forms.This garden is different open spaces, plants most severe form, cropped.

Mediterranean style

It should remind you of your vacation in warm countries on the Mediterranean coast.In recent years it has become very popular among gardeners.This must be a garden patio, shady corners, paved with natural stone light-colored track, herbs and flowers in pots of ceramics, wrought iron or wicker furniture.

landscape of small cottages

Centre landscape composition can be a round bed, possibly with a small fountain.You will be able to carry it out with his hands.If the fountain is not included in your plans, then replace with a small statue.Track into the garden is better to fill rubble or gravel and by paving and did refuse.Among the plants make better use of ornamental grasses, bright phlox, lavender and geranium.

bring life to even the smallest portion of the reservoir, which can be done, for example, out of the bath.According to the "shores" plant daffodils, mint, iris and primrose.

make out the center portion

Start with the center, to create a harmonious landscape.In the summer cottage it is often made in the form of a tree with curly cropped crown fountain, surrounded by a group of sculptures, flowers in vases of different heights.

Playground and lawn

If you have children, you will need to create a special landscape of the suburban area.The hands you can make an excellent playground.It is better to create it under the windows of the room where parents or other adult family members spend most of the time.Lawn better to exit from the terrace or veranda.It is possible to arrange a recreation area.At the edge of the area can be built with a shed for a barbecue.


Perhaps without this detail does not do any landscape suburban area.His hands make a very simple bench, probably every man can.Make as some original, exclusive model is able to master only.First, decide which bench you want to see on the site.Today, there are a great number of them - metal, stone, wood benches, rocking chairs and other models - all depends on your financial capabilities and imagination.


Finally talk about the role of light in creating a landscape suburban area.It performs the following functions:

- Accent lighting;

- general light.

Accent lighting does not illuminate objects on the site, but only refers to their contours.Its purpose - to set the boundaries and indicate the direction of motion of a person in the dark.

The total track lights, recreation facilities, and other key facilities.Lighting suburban area did not have to be dull and straightforward, as in former years.You can make it yourself, but it is better to entrust this work to professionals.They will be able to position the lights in the landscape beds, make quality illumination of the garden, fountain, gazebo.

original fixtures

main problem of landscape fixtures - their high cost.There is an exit.You can make your own lamps from scrap materials - from wood chips and shpazhek from clothespins.Thus it is possible to make a street lamp LED lighting and plastic garlands.