Interior design with their own hands

Throughout his life a person seeks to decorate their existence.Of course, do not forget about home.Many believe that a beautiful home - it is a real luxury, but can afford it only the rich.However, it is not so.Decorate the house to your liking and make it possible and very comfortable, this need is a little patience and imagination.

all with their hands

Interior Decorating their own hands - this is a very exciting process that does not require any special material costs.Such a case can bring the whole family, because children always something interesting handicrafts, and adults will stand a chance to use all their imagination and do needlework.


new image of your house will look very organic and original, if you use the available materials in a new way.By interior decoration, give free rein to their imagination and pay attention to what's at your fingertips.For example, the unnecessary pieces of fabric, plastic bottles and even broken crockery.Many of the old stuff is better to leave

and not to throw away, because of all this, you can create a true masterpiece.


There is not a single house where people are not used to tissues.They can be seen everywhere - on windows, beds, sofas and so on.. But to the house acquired individuality, it does not need to spend money on expensive new curtains.They can make themselves completely, and they will look much nicer.Interior design involves the use of various elements.They not only fit perfectly into the song, but also emphasize its originality and uniqueness.In particular, in the living room can be used homemade pads that will always come out of place.For those who love to embroider and knit, not be a problem to create wipes that you can decorate tables and even cabinets.


interior design using utensils have long gained popularity.The simplest is the decoration of the walls skeet.Very often you can find people who have entire collections of jewelry.The easiest wardrobe will look in a new way, if nicely to place on one of the shelves or other glasses beautiful dishes.This decoration is also useful, because all you need is always at hand.Also recently become popular crafts from pieces of broken dishes.The shops sell a variety of pieces that can be paste over pieces of colored shards of glasses and plates.This will give your decor decoration originality.


By interior decoration, many landlords pay attention to the tree.Today, the use of this material in the decoration is very popular.From the dry leaves, twigs and flowers, you can create a variety of compositions that will look beautiful in a living room and bedroom.Also do not forget about the framework for pictures and photos, you can do yourself.Thus, the tree can be applied not only when a piece of furniture, but also in the decoration of the room.


constantly be next to a piece of nature - it is always nice, but very often people can not afford to keep these plants in the house.Many have an allergy to them, and someone just did not have enough time and patience to care for them.In connection with this very popular interior decoration artificial flowers.Are they cheap and look very nice.Also in the store you can choose these beautiful models that are like two peas in a pod similar to the real.These plants can be put in bouquets in vases.You can also make them Ikebana - pictures of flowers.Often with the help of flowers decorating the column is carried out in the interior.


Figures - it is also an easy way to decorate the house.You can buy them at any store, and a variety of models will delight even the most demanding customers.But, of course, always a pleasure to do everything myself.Make figures to decorate can be with their children.They can sculpt in clay or plaster.Such statues are beautiful and durable.It is this element of the decor is the easiest solution for those who want to change something in your home.These figures are small, are beautifully decorate the table, and can be very large.With large models it is possible to decorate with, for example, the angle of the room and hide any of its shortcomings.

Modern materials

Many contemporary art lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that the decoration of interiors can be carried out not only with the usual items, but also to apply and something new.For example, the use of the metal is not new, but not very many will risk paste parts of it into its interior.And in vain.This material looks very nice and can be very gentle.The main thing - do not overdo it, as bulky items of decoration will look just tasteless.

improvised means

Every day we throw a lot of things that we think are junk, but sometimes it is worth considering: Are we sure that this is exactly we are no longer useful.Do not dispose of, for example, the old shirt.Buttons can be used to create paintings and cloth to put on the casing has bothered vase.Nor should we throw and plastic bottles.Of these, you can make many different crafts.They can also be used as unusual boxes and containers for storing small items.Try not to throw paper, since we should not forget about origami.Even from old newspapers you can think of a lot of interesting things, for example, you can create a bouquet of flowers.This ornament will look beautiful and original that will give your interior a special style.


If your hobby - it's handicrafts, the design of the room will be for you a limitless field for the realization of the most daring undertakings.Those who are interested in sewing and embroidery, is not difficult to realize the ideas and use them in the interior and creating a new parts.Fans make products of beads can not only decorate their walls, but also to give special chic little detail.Who knows how to draw it will be interesting to try their hand at creating masterpieces on the fabric.Using even an ordinary monochromatic fabric, it is possible in a few hours to turn a piece of material into a work of art.Besides the usual things will look original, if they make the painted colors.Always remember that interior decorating is often carried home owners themselves.This means that the design of the room - not such a difficult task.The main thing - to use a little imagination.