Bedroom country-style - a way to create comfort

House has to be comfortable and beautiful.Every owner is committed to achieve this.To help him, there are several styles that are held by designers.For a country house suitable rustic style or country.Similarly, you can execute and city apartment.

style characteristics

The main difference of this trend in the design premises - recreating the atmosphere of rural life and the organization of space for a comfortable stay.To convey the closeness of nature, in the interior there are floral motifs, the elements that symbolize the sun and the sea.There are many excellent designs that might look like a bedroom in a country style, full of gentle comfort and warmth.

All furniture should be emphasized simple and concise.They must combine practicality and convenience.Accessories are designed to convey the closeness of nature.Designers are advised to register in this spirit that only one room as a fully stand style throughout the house (apartment) is difficult.If all the elements are harmoniously matched, t

hen turn your bedroom into a cozy corner where you can relax in comfort from stress.

materials applicable in the interior

furniture and decorative ornaments, lamps - everything must be made of natural materials.Use wood, metal.Constant attribute of suburban homes are wickerwork armchairs.They look great.Furniture can be forged.But you should avoid chromed metal and windows of metal.If the bedroom in the style of the country will be supplemented with items, they will look very modern and does not fit into the overall picture.

's room designed for recreation, it will be enough beds, armchairs (conventional and rocking), chest.Sleeper have to be comfortable, convenient.The bed should be selected from natural wood or metal hand-forged.Sometimes, when a bedroom in the style of the country is made by professional designers, they apply a special effect.It involves the processing of furniture, ceiling, walls and floor, which makes them look old.All items must have a simple, massive, rugged form.They are made of beech, birch or pine.In rare cases, it permitted and upholstered furniture, but you must carefully select its upholstery and colors to match the overall color scheme of the room.

combinations of colors

If you seek to comply with the spirit of rural life and the proximity of nature, design, country-style bedrooms should be kept in a natural, natural shades.We must avoid the darkest colors.The most relevant is the use of beige, green, olive, blue.Apply pastel, bright, calm tones.It is necessary to keep harmony in the color palette.Therefore, it is not necessary to load the interior bright things and pieces of furniture.

floor and ceiling

in the room, to emphasize the rustic style, use appropriate finishing materials.For example, the walls and ceiling can be covered with a rough plaster.If it is a country house, it would look favorably room, decorated in light wood.As an option - can be decorated ceiling beams.For the bedroom, you can pick up the paper or embossed wallpaper bright colors, let the small floral pattern.


Even the smallest little thing - an important detail of the situation.So interior bedroom in country style perfectly complement the handmade embroidery, napkins.They give the room cozy.Bed blankets and chairs decorate patchwork (patchwork), or woolen blankets, pillows and pillowcases in cotton.The table will complement the tablecloth.On the floor will be relevant knitted ornamental rugs on the chairs can throw blankets.On the subjects of textile must be drawings of animals and plants.

from tissues may prefer flax, calico.On his bedroom wall, country-style can accommodate one or two paintings with views of nature, objects, symbolizing the rural life.Will look great decorative plates from clay, stamping, watches made antique.But you can not overload wall decorations.All objects in the room must be made of natural materials.The interior may be present not only man-made objects, and bouquets of dried and living plants.

curtains and lighting

element, emphasizing the design of the room, the curtains are in the style of the country, which will close the window at night.They should not be sewn from a heavy fabric.As decorative elements used brushes and bows.Drawing on the matter can be selected according to their own taste.This may be a strip cell or floral designs.

also decorate the bedroom curtains made of light translucent material.Suitable tulle or satin.It will give the opportunity to admire the beautiful view from the window and let the light of the sun to penetrate freely into the room.It is important that what the lighting in the bedroom.It creates an environment inviting to relaxation and rest.Therefore, the light should be soft, diffused.The interior lamps will fit perfectly with wicker lampshades, chandeliers, made in the style of antiquity or the Middle Ages.

How comfortable and cozy rustic-looking spirit of the bathroom, show a photo of bedrooms in country style.Looking at them, you make sure it's perfect for creating a comfortable, a relaxed environment.