Art Deco in the interior

art deco style (aka Deco, or as it is called beautiful fans, "Style Star") mixed in itself all the best from the different areas of interior design.Chic and cubism, exotic and modern - very different, it would seem, the details you can see in houses and apartments, decorated in art deco style.

your name - art deco, "decorative arts" - style got the name of the exhibition, held in Paris in 1925.It was called the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, which means "International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts."Some people believe that the very first in the Art Deco style were decorated luxury transatlantic liners.Art Deco is not for nothing called "the style of the stars", as he gained immense popularity in Hollywood at the time.He carried with him the newest luxury, which found its echo in the hearts of show business.Art Deco is considered an architectural and interior style, greater inherent in the first half of the XX century, but now there are many

lovers of streamlined furniture from quality wood and elements of African and Indian exoticism.

«parent" art deco style is considered to be modern, which seamlessly interwoven elements of ethnic eastern culture, and therefore unimaginable geometric shapes may be close to the smooth curves.At a time when art deco was just beginning to grow in homes decorated in this style, you can find the most expensive materials for furniture and interior details.They were like diamonds and ivory, crocodile skin, pearl and the most precious woods.Since these neighbors chrome, concrete, glass and aluminum.It looked very brave and so makes a huge impression on the people, who saw it for the first time.

«Style Stars" carried a lot of the elements inherent in the people's creativity.Part of the interior in the style of Art Deco room could resemble an artist, musician or collector - so many bright, stylish and expensive items were collected in one place.Popularity gained geometric shapes, intricately curved lines and innovations like ornaments in the form of the piano keys.

gradual extinction of Art Deco in the second half of the XX century contributed to two factors: the expansion of mass production and the Second World War.During this period art deco increasingly came to be called too showy and conceited, yet in the end he did not come to a final decline.

But Art Deco that was not the end of everything.Toward the end of the XX century, he revived is believed due to the wide spread of the bright graphics.Do not forget also that the style of Art Deco charm associated with the pre-war films, which also helped him regain success.

modern art deco is somewhat different from what was in vogue in the 1920s.If you want to design your house in the art deco style, here are some tips:

  1. Use more contrasts.The walls in pastel colors and dark or colorful furnishings considered classics "style of the stars."
  2. Upholstered furniture - this is also one of the main features of art deco.This includes armchairs and sofas, and ottomans and upholstered chairs.All mostly bright, visible colors, such as black, red, turquoise or purple.
  3. play an important role vintage, antiques, exotic souvenirs, expensive decoration and other similar luxuries."Style Star" allows wealthy man expose their status and financial position.
  4. You can use the furniture in classical and ethnic style.One of the interesting ideas of Art Deco is in the manufacture of chairs and seats, armrests that are an extension of the legs.
  5. In the manufacture of furniture is only an array of high-quality wood, it is desirable to valuable species.This can be rosewood, Madrona, ash or maple.
  6. lighting make soft and diffused throughout the room.Thus all will be well marked emphasis placed by you.
  7. Do not hesitate to put a number of large comfortable sofas and coffee tables made of glass and chrome-plated steel.It is these contrasts in his day brought art deco style on top of success.