Old Furniture: How to Update Its

Everything around us once begins to age and deteriorate, this process is irreversible, though almost imperceptible.Furniture is no exception, whether it is the old grandmother chest or favorite chair.Sometimes we contrive repairs, think over new interior design and old furniture already in it do not fit.But what if these elements of the environment became so native heart that throw them have no desire?

Each solves this problem in its own way.Someone gives things like old furniture next of kin, someone puts down in a corner or transported to the cottage, but the most humane solution would decoration old furniture.Breathe in her life this way is quite easy, and it can be done both with their hands and see a specialist.With the help of simple manipulations can not only upgrade the old furniture, but also to change its design and even purpose.Alternatively, you can make the adult children's furniture, and vice versa, if the children have grown up, and to get rid of children's furniture is a pity.

We will tell you about the most popular and effective ways of revival of wooden furniture, which today there are many.It is said that the choice of either option will largely depend on the nature of the piece of furniture that we want to give a "second life."

  • Repair of furniture.Before updating the surface, you need to carefully inspect the product and carry out all necessary repairs.We need to tie and glued in place all falling off / wobbly / cracked parts or simply replace them with new ones.If you wish, you can order the production of individual pieces of furniture in specialized firms.
  • Repainting furniture.If the table or cabinet faded, faded or rubbed, you can update its normal repainting, both in the same color, and completely different.This simple operation will radically change the design to "modernize" the old furniture or, for example, "fit" it into a nursery by a lighter or brighter colors.If you have artistic talent, furniture can be painted designs or designs.
  • self-adhesive film.Variant of the previous processing, more simple, but less durable.The construction and hardware stores now you can find a variety of film with a pattern (in Vol. H. "Under the tree") and without it.You need only to cover up her old face.If this is done carefully, the furniture will look quite decent, but the replacement of the film can take a maximum of one year.And one more thing - this method is only suitable for a more or less flat surfaces.
  • imitation of another material.Specialized companies can master and using different tools and techniques to create the appearance of wood, metal and other material from which it was made would be no furniture in fact.There is even a kind of work, as the artificial aging furniture (patina).
  • gilded furniture.Ideal would look combined with a monochromatic repainting.Typically, this work consists of several stages: surface preparation, application of special glue, applying gold leaf and lacquered.The process time-consuming and requires experience and finely honed skills, but the result is worth the effort.
  • Decorative waxing.It is worth to mention the "recipe" of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, who still remains relevant and effective.Rubbing furniture wax will quickly give it a fresh look.Before applying the wax do not forget with a solvent to remove old varnish from furniture, if any.New lacquer furniture in this case is not covered, but it's for the best, because most modern paints are harmful or even toxic, and processing of furniture wax will make the color and texture of your favorite tables and chairs are not less pleasant sight.
  • Woodcarving.Even the old wooden furniture can be decorated with carvings, if you do it wisely.Species diversity of patterns depends on your imagination (or fantasy of your designer).After processing, the furniture is covered with stain, varnish or wax treated.

After such rehabilitation, no one will call your old furniture, but you will not want to part with it for many years.