Design suburban areas with their own hands.

Today, many citizens prefer to buy small plots of land in the suburbs, to build country houses and spend the warmer months in the open air away from urban smog and bustle.For many of these homes are gradually turning into a permanent place of residence, for others - in place for a holiday vacation.In both cases, the owners of these sites are trying to build not only the house, but the entire site to make it appealing to the eye.Today there are many specialized magazines from which you can learn various design ideas suburban area.Original solutions for the arrangement and design of the land can be seen in the photographs, which publish amateur gardeners, sharing their experiences.

landscape design suburban area

Decorating land (suburban) area, or, as it is called today, landscape design - creative activities, by means of which any, even a very small plot of land can be transformed into a heavenly place.For many gardeners a much more important to have a well-groomed garden with a cozy seating area, ra

ther than renovated house, especially if the area is also a covered gazebo where you can spend a weekend, organize a picnic with friends and so on. D.

old new decorations

Today, the market can find a lot of different decorative elements, which, depending on the country of origin, material, quality and other factors have different prices.However, some of the most creative gardeners prefer to carry out the design suburban areas with their own hands and with the help of available funds.Very impressive look at the cottage decorations that several tens or even hundreds of years.If the villa passed to the current owners inherited from the grandparents, then somewhere in the attic or in a secret corner of the barn probably find old things thrifty ancestors spared thrown away, and today they may be useful to create a design cottageland with their own hands.

new application antiques

So as decorative elements for the design suburban area, you can use the old poker, irons, wooden wagon wheel and the very wagon, baskets and jugs, sieves, leaky pot, kerosene lamps, samovar, even old wornboats and barrels.The main thing - to have imagination and understand how to breathe life into these seemingly unnecessary things.If these items are not present in the barn or in the attic of the garden, they can be easily purchased for pennies somewhere on rustic Placis or in a local junk shop.For all of the above items can be applied when creating the design suburban areas with their own hands, you would not only save money, but to make something exclusive, something that can not be bought in the store "items to give and leisure."That is thanks to these subjects and, most importantly, without any financial cost will be to achieve the desired results and give dacha unique look that will be a source of pride and realization of the creative potential of the host.

porcelain and earthenware items

half a century ago a variety of porcelain figures are an integral part of the interior both in urban and in rural homes.They were of various subjects (funny little animals, dancers, athletes and figures t. E.) And different colors, from white to completely colorful.So, all these beautiful figurines perfectly fit into the design of a small suburban area.The main thing is that they are of good quality and is not spoiled by rain.The same can be used as a clay or ceramic household utensils: pots, dishes, pots and so on. D. They are, in comparison with porcelain, more stable and much easier to use to carry out the design suburban areas with their own hands.

natural and artificial materials

What the cottage without basketry?Various design garden fences give the originality and uniqueness.Using willow or birch twigs, you can weave a variety of subjects: the screen, frame for beds, umbrellas, coasters for pots of flowers and much more.With the help of this simple material can give free rein to their imagination and to implement a number of interesting designs and ideas.With its use, you can create different compositions, to be attended by several elements of decoration: porcelain and clay figurines and crockery, old utensils, plants, artificial fruits and vegetables (grapes, pomegranates, apples, mushrooms, pumpkin), and the natural material(cones, acorns and nuts).For dressing area perfect various snags, rotten stumps, logs interesting shape, and so on. D. For example, poured into the rotten stump land can be in it to plant some annual flowers such as petunia, turning it into a natural "pot"Flower.You can use these to hollow trees to plant flowers, vines there.Later, it will be necessary to see to it that these colors wound around the branches of trees.Thus, your site will appear very special flowering trees that will trigger your guests reverential wonder.After all, the nature of these flowering trees there.Here's the original trick!As you can see, landscape design suburban area (photos are presented in the article) can be carried out almost for free, without significant cost.

Furniture suburban area

Speaking of furniture, vacationers imply different benches, tables, benches, shelves, swing, chairs and more.All of this can be ordered from the special masters, or buy ready-made in a specialty store, but you can make your own hands.Design suburban area of ​​12 hectares must include the presence of at least a few shops in different parts of cottages.After all, this country estate is extensive enough, and while walking you may want to sit down somewhere in the shade and relax.Of course, you can make a small gazebo with a table at the end of each garden.This is very useful in cases where here in one and the same time, coming to rest just a few companies, such as young people and their parents, and so on. D. In the case of convenient pavilions in different parts of the site, these companies will be able to have a good time without interferingeach other.Design suburban area 10 acres should also include the presence of several benches placed in the shade, and at least one year or a cozy gazebo tent in oriental style.Shops can be made from the processed and bonded together with a timber.It can be used as a basis (legs), two old school chair with metal legs.Place them at a distance from each other and adapt itself to them more polished, painted in a bright color, or simply covered with varnish logs or planks can be made a comfortable stool.By the way, it has recently become popular to produce single seats from old tires, burying them in the ground until the middle.These seats can be arranged in a circle around a round or square table.Chairs can be woven in which for the convenience and comfort appropriate to put an improvised big soft cushions in bright covers.For children, the bench can be built in the form of bizarre animals: deer, horses, donkeys.Pergolas can also be made from boards, logs or bamboo.

old boat - the original idea for the design of a garden

No matter whether you live permanently in a country house, or spend here only on weekends and holidays, it is important that not only the interior of the house, but the whole land was beautifully decoratedand a feast for the eyes.Lawns, flower beds, trimmed ornamental trees and shrubs, and even flowering fruit trees are found in almost every well-kept area.But in order to create a fashionable nowadays design suburban areas with their own hands, it is assumed the existence of such original features, what can not be found in any garden.And the more original is the idea, the more people will want to admire the handiwork of the owner of the estate.Great idea for the garden - flower bed unit in a leaky boat.Place it in the middle of the lawn and around sprinkle gravel, it is possible to break this flower bed of many annual plants.

Revival artificial reservoir

Many gardeners dig up next to the house a small pond, planted around the reeds, water lilies and water lilies.However, if "revive" this artificial reservoir, it will be much more interesting.For example, you can position the barrel next to him, having done it in a hole for the flow of water inside the hole to insert the tiles so that the water does not leak into the barrel and hold it water.Because barrels water will spill out into the pond, creating a feeling of spring water.You can arrange a small waterfall.And if we make the backlight for artificial reservoirs, all it will create a romantic atmosphere around them.For this purpose it is most convenient to use a low-power halogen lamps (12).They are safe and will not heat the water.


decorating the suburban area, you must also take care of his light.With beautiful lanterns or strings can be converted into the territory of a fairy tale.Especially if you put lights next to the whimsical décor.Very nice look tents with garlands of lights that recreate the spirit of Oriental fairy tale.In this environment, nice to organize a variety of themed parties, celebrations, even weddings and birthdays.


Decorated your hands cottage forever be proud of lice, your outlet, and want to come back here again and again.Here you will be able to change something, add, freshen the color and so on. D. Here, every thing will have its own story, its value, and it is much more important than the dear little thing out of the store.