Optimal design bedrooms with photo wallpapers

Today, hardly anyone could surprise wall photos in the interior premises.Our readers are the older generation remember well the eighties, when many homes appear wallpaper that can turn a typical apartment in the original and beautiful homes.Of course, in those days they were much poorer quality than today.The images on them were monotonous and some sad: lonely sad birch on the bank of the abandoned pond or cold waterfall ...

Mural Bedroom

Nobody would argue that in this room we have a good rest before the upcoming working day, relax andgood night's sleep.This is possible only with a feeling of coziness and comfort.This can be achieved not only with comfortable furniture, quality bedding.In this case, you need to create a bedroom design photo wallpapers.They will add a room comfort, and you will not have difficulties with perekleivanie them if there is a desire to change the image.

Usually Mural on the wall in the bedroom used, for example, in the headboard.So, you click your bed.If you place the

m on the opposite wall, each morning will start with positive emotions.

Choose a color

design bedrooms with photo wallpapers largely depends on your preferences: where you feel comfortable - in a bright room or in the dark?

If the windows of your room facing north, the sunlight into the bedroom will do little, so you need to choose the color scheme that could replace him.In this case, fit warm colors: pale green, yellow, peach.Bedroom, whose windows face south, more appropriate wallpaper in pale blue tones.

Visually change the size of the room

Often we are faced with the problem of a very small room, or wrong, but because the inconvenient form.In this situation, it is possible to adjust not only the disadvantages bedroom photo walls, but also a combination of colors.For example, the elongated room will be visually more widely, if the window apply wallpaper dark colors, and closer to the door - light pastel shades.

papered one wall

design bedrooms with photo wallpapers, usually involves the use of the material on one wall.Before buying, you should understand some of the walls you are going to decorate.In this case, you can not go wrong with the size and correctly pick up pattern.It is advisable that you selected the wall was either completely free or easily visible.Low chest of drawers, tables, cabinets can be left - they will not interfere with, and in some cases even perfectly complement the interior.

fairly common and often repeated mistake - the additional decorating the walls are made out shelves with pictures, lamps and paintings.

psychological advice

These experts recommend creating design bedrooms with photo wallpapers (photos you see in this article), use images of flowers.It could be pictures of real field or garden flowers, flowering branches - is now a huge choice of options for all manufacturers - because women love to live among such beauty.

We make bedroom spouses

For such rooms the most relevant photos of mountains, waterfalls, forests, seas, which are conducive to leisure activities.However, many of our fellow citizens, without even looking at the proposed sample once it is abandoned.All due to the fact that this subject is most often used on the wallpaper in the last century.

assure you that the modern samples have nothing in common with their ancestors.High-tech nature of the motives of large-format printing of high quality and realistic.They are able to satisfy the most demanding customer.

Youth bedroom

specialists noticed that customers under 35 years old prefer a bedroom design.With photo wallpapers, which depicts types of night city, famous streets of world capitals, sightseeing, good to dream, to plunge into a completely different world.Young people prefer to just such an interior of her bedroom.But it must be remembered that under such finishing materials must be everything from furniture to accessories - to select extremely precisely.Drawing pictures, abstraction, cosmos requires particular style of the room.And, do not forget that you liked vivid pictures can very quickly get bored, so think about whether you are ready to make repairs every six months.

design small bedroom with photo wallpapers

Making a small space - not an easy task, even for a professional designer.After all, for example, in a small bedroom is necessary to place all necessary and thus make the room visually more spacious.However, many designers are willing to bet that even a tiny bedroom area no more than nine meters can be cozy and comfortable.

Mural help remarkably transform the small bedroom.What is important is their right to choose.They must not disrupt the overall design of the room, but only complement it.Bright Desktop complements well as bright linens, blankets, pillows.

wallpaper for children's

for a baby's room, this material fits perfectly.It is important to buy the wallpaper was not spontaneous and was a deliberate step.For preschoolers and primary school children will suit the image of your favorite cartoon.They are best placed in the play area.

child 7-8 years old can independently choose the wallpaper.At this age, they prefer images of animals.The main thing that the drawings were not intimidating and aggressive.All that is filled with children's room, somehow affects your son or daughter.It is unacceptable that a hyperactive child in the room on the walls were too dynamic or aggressive image.Design a bedroom with photo wallpapers can cause the child discomfort.This would be the case in a room for a peaceful and quiet girl you apply wallpaper with the aircraft or engines.And vice versa - an active boy will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in the room with romantic pictures.

children today Desktop presented in the shops in a very wide range.And he is constantly expanding.The latest addition is 3D Photo wall in the bedroom.