Design beauty salon - all for customers

Many women spend in the beauty salon a lot of time visiting his not so much to make its appearance irresistible as to receive a charge of impressions and emotions.Such places can not be called a room with chairs and mirrors, it is rather the clubs, which must stand out among others, to attract visitors.And the design of the interior of a beauty salon at the same time plays an important role.A few years ago the most luxurious hair salons and beauty parlors coexisted near similar facilities economy class.Today design beauty is simply impossible to imagine without the expensive equipment and original design.

Ethnic style and high-tech is still in vogue

Current trends of fashion magazines, as before, set the tone in the design.Generally, in itself an interest in ethnic style at all accidental.It is associated with travel to exotic destinations, adventure, and why it is so attractive to live in an accelerated rhythm of the townspeople.It assumes a large number of natural material such as leather, wood,

bamboo, and natural warm colors: ocher, terracotta, and so on. D. The design of a beauty salon, a photo which features a large number of mats, carpets, skins, screens, marbles,beads and sculptures can be supplemented and cult objects that have lost their functionality.In general, ethnic style - a lot of associations.Therefore, a beauty salon can be small or Africa or India, and sometimes by both.The only limiting factor - the imagination of the designer.

Along with ethnic style and develops a different direction - hi-tech.However, slightly altered, not the one holding a dominant position in the interior of residential and public buildings at the turn of the century.Design of beauty with the inclusion of a concise straight lines, symbolizing the dynamics and pressure, now the most popular.It is present in the cold glitter of steel, chrome or aluminum, the play of light on a transparent plastic and glass must be combined with an ergonomic and functional furniture.


Sometimes design beauty itself fades into the background, and focus more emphasis on the acquisition of equipment and range of services.This architect ignores or forgets this important moment, thinking through how to plan, limited only cosmetic repairs in an existing space.

Unlike other commercial processing facilities or residential apartments, design beauty requires careful thought of such things as ergonomics, ventilation, lighting, temperature, comfort, load power, colors in the interior, and communication requirements of sanitary and epidemiological stations.


Design beauty requires the creation of conditions for the service, in which not only increases productivity but also comfort, reducing fatigue.Welcoming staff to the customers should not wait if during the day Hairdressers and Estheticians tired of inefficient organization of their work.And the number of clients will be less, so the owner of such places need to carefully think through efficient workflow, as well as the functionality of each of the offices in order to optimize their work and services rendered.

Design Thinking beauty, you need to consider two features of lighting: it must be very good and does not cause discomfort.Experts recommend using just two options: soft for the common room, equal distribution of ceiling lights, and the local area in working with clients.


It should be borne in mind that often customers come to a specific room to you like the master, and if the conditions are not comfortable for the specialist, will leave not only he, but also the customers.Generally, ergonomics and comfort for the customers - the important branding elements which effectively fight against competitors for visitors.