Design combined bathroom small area

In recent years, many apartment owners make repairs during the redevelopment and combine the toilet with bathroom.Explain this choice can be for many reasons, primarily the desire to save a useful area by combining the space and the demolition of walls.Sometimes when you can not turn on the redevelopment apartment in a new building and some of the corridors.Properly thought-out design combined bathroom in addition to all required sanitary devices allows you to put, for example, the washing machine or boiler, and in general a more rational organization of the floor plans.

combined bathroom

Most "Khrushchev" apartments, built in the Soviet era, had their own WC Q4.m area, which in conditions of total housing shortage was a luxury, despite such a small size.In a typical modern buildings become the norm unit separate bathrooms, but room bathroom and toilet are still designed in minimal amounts, limits their comfortable arrangement.For a while, it's all arranged.But in recent years for owners of standard

flats suite room with bathroom, it is often the preferred option of re-planning of premises for personal hygiene, despite the fact that the use of combined bathroom still less convenient than a split.Besides the extra space, which can efficiently use, there are other positive aspects of combining bathrooms, such as saving building materials and funds by eliminating the partitions.

legal issues

Before self-development of the project, it is necessary to solve some legal issues.The biggest challenge is to obtain planning permission and conclusion of the special examination, confirming that subject to demolition of the wall is not load-bearing structure.Prior to registration of these documents ponder future design combined bathroom and begin to unify the premises is not necessary.

Self-development project is excluded, if the redevelopment affected supporting structures vary obschedomovye communication is established sanitary equipment with high energy and water consumption.The project, in this case should be carried out by an organization in the respective licenses.

If the bathroom is small in size ...

Turn modest design combined bathroom small size design beautiful and comfortable bathroom is impossible without breaking the main stumbling block - the limit of usable area.We solve this problem by setting the compact plumbing, designed specifically for small spaces and occupies less space than conventional devices.Save space and allow cantilever sinks and toilets, and showers.It is advisable to make a hidden pipework, then combined bathroom interior looks attractive.Using existing system installation, all sanitary equipment can be easily installed in the new location in accordance with the draft redevelopment.

Showers to save space

Installing compact shower instead of a bath - the most popular solution for small spaces.This idea is especially good for those who are forced to consider every centimeter of space to more efficiently accommodate all the necessary plumbing fixtures.

In terms of space-saving design combined bathroom optimally fits into a corner shower.Now there are many variants of such cabins is simple, consisting of a pallet and doors, as well as multi-functional, with hydro massage and other delights of comfort.However, in a small space can usually put only the most modest booth.

equipping zone soul, many choose a deep tray, which under certain circumstances can play the role of a mini-bath, while others cost even without the pallet.In the latter case, the base and the rest of the shower floor indoors spread by the same material, which allows to increase the space visually.Such a decision would make it more modern and attractive design combined bathroom, even in the "Khrushchev" - infamous legacy of the Soviet era.

Zoning combined bathroom

design combined bathroom provides demarcation zone toilet and bath, and it can be architectural or visual method.In the first case it is done with a device podium tiered ceiling, decorative niches, walls or other techniques, adapted for the benefit of the design.Visual method of zoning more mobile and less costly.If you wish, you can always replace the bored dividing elements, played by easily relocatable objects: high rack with lots of drawers and shelves, decorative screens, moisture-loving plants and the like.Good effect gives color distinction, in which separate zones emphasizes accessories and finishing materials of a certain color.Enhance the visual impression is possible by means of light and decorative lighting elements.

basic requirements to furnish

By finishing materials in combination bathroom increased requirements, so they must have special properties:

  • reliable degree of water resistance;
  • resistance to acid-alkaline environments;
  • easy to care for;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to the formation of mold and mildew;
  • ability to resist corrosion and durability;
  • resistant to temperature extremes.

materials, wall and ceiling

Choosing among a large number of ways to furnish and modern materials for possible use in the bathroom, limited only by its parameters.Fully required properties has ceramic tile - a material that is most commonly used for finishing the hygiene of premises with high humidity.In addition, the combined use high-quality mosaic bathrooms, natural stone, agglomerates, wood treated with special compounds and coated with waterproof varnish.Actively interferes in this list the new material - patterned tiles of Bohemian glass.

The easiest way of all types of finishing the ceiling - painting water-resistant latex paint, acrylic or silicone-based.The variant of papering the ceiling surface steklooboyami, EPS tiles and other materials resistant to moisture.There was widespread suspended ceilings.Their design allows you to not waste time and money on the alignment of the base and in the resulting free space you can hide some of the communication.For finishing the ceiling in small bathrooms is considered to be the most practical material plastic.If sufficient area of ​​the combined space of the ceiling of the device is possible mirrors or stained glass.

flooring in combination bathroom should be not only beautiful but also practical.The most comfortable non-slip floor will be resistant to moisture, pleasant to touch and attractive to look at the material.

Conclusion By combining a typical bathroom and the toilet is a more spacious bathroom with toilet, which is not difficult to turn into a comfortable hygienic premises.Of course, you should spend time thinking through the design and layout details, choose a beautiful bathroom fixtures and furnishings, carefully provide for every little thing.And then, after the repair of a bathroom will be transformed so that it no one can know the former boring standard facilities for hygiene procedures.