Interior: Country Style

Thank Wild West, not only to the popularity of the game of childhood cowboys and Indians, but also for the architectural style of the country.

Stylistics simplicity and retro motifs country inherited from the cowboy life.Cowboys, brave and daring guys paid more attention to his redhead enemies, rather than the arrangement of his life, so the country everything is ingeniously simple.This style is like no other, for those who prefer the artistic mess coupled with the warmth of natural materials and eco-friendly decor.

To fully feel the style of the country, welcomed the pedigree of hereditary cowboy, but you can do without it.Over the years, country music style has changed considerably and now resembles nothing bachelor saloon and rural cottage cute grandmother.The word "country" is translated - "the village."But be careful when choosing interior.Country style, with external unassuming, does not tolerate artificially aged and worn cheap.

Country welcomes the old days.The interior design from this st

yle has its own quirks.Here, all the furniture is functional and rather straightforward.This can be a dining table Solid, unpretentious sofas, a variety of hanging shelves, luxurious buffet sideboard, massive bed.Instead of chairs pertinent ordinary wooden bench.All items are country-interior natural, rude and minimally decorated.Complete with them will look good wicker and wrought iron furniture.

Interior preferable to use light colors.The highlight of your living room will become soft sofas with numerous pillows and armrests made of natural solid wood.Try experimenting with upholstery, pick up, for example, small flower, a cell or strip.And for the small cozy armchairs and easy chairs suitable light rough materials and natural shades.The finishing touch to your living room will become a rocking chair from a rod - a constant attribute of the Wild West.

rod interior bedroom - large and comfortable bed, in a rustic chalet.Its headboard made of wood.Special elegance to this masterpiece of carpentry give uncomplicated thread.Under a rustic bed must be solid and massive wardrobe.This is the second important part of country-design bedroom.His natural awkwardness offset by stunning capacity that will appreciate any woman, and as a dressing table, which is also made of wood.In accordance with the canons of the country, he should look reliable and simple.

in excess of a unique flavor of the Wild West will give kitchen cabinets.It is made from natural materials, and has a natural color or is dyed.For kitchen fronts are nice green, calm blue, watercolor, soft yellow color.Necessary to give the kitchen the freshness Universal white.Besides, he combined with soft textiles, looks extremely impressive, for example, with curtains in small flower or a blue cell.Kitchen country style oversaturated mounted or built-in shelves.They tend to be open and fraught with numerous wealth of women and children in the form of clay pots, tin boxes from the tea and jars.All of this is punctuated by a variety of artistic vases with dried flowers, bunches of garlic, onion, pepper.If you do not like this openness, choose a variant with closed shelves.Usually such facades shelves in the form of lattices with a matte surface.On a country-kitchen are not superfluous natural countertops and stools.

Country-style is good already that opens up limitless scope for creativity.Create yourself a good mood, presenting in the interior of the usual stuff, but in a new light.For example, the trunks can replace bedside tables, and long-term storage items can be expanded in a wicker basket.Step away from the standard, place the hanging shelves near the ceiling, and the facades of the kitchen cabinets, replace the eco-curtains.